Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 544

Chapter 544 Im Willing To Sell Myself Only To You

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The group of bodyguards were like wolves who had broken into the flock. They pounced over in a manner akin to sweeping away millions of enemy troops.


Very quickly, pitiful screams rang in the narrow passageway.

"Lets go." Lu Zhanbei held Lin Wanwans hand and left with her via the exit.

During this period, Lin Wanwan couldnt help but turn back and take a look. When she saw blood splattering everywhere, she immediately turned her head. As she looked at Lu Zhanbeis indifferent profile, she inexplicably thought of how she accidentally saw him giving the order to kill when she had just become Lin Wanwan.

Back then, the coldness and indifference he displayed was exactly the same as now.

She was used to him being gentle and frivolous. At this moment in time, Lin Wanwan was actually not used to it.

Lu Zhanbei gave her a side glance, and the frost in his eyes gradually melted. "Scared?"

Lin Wanwan shook her head.

From the conversation between Lu Zhanbei and Lu Tao, she had also heard a lot of thoughts.

"Why did your father order someone to kill you? Even a monster wouldnt hurt its own children."

She found it incredible. How was it possible that there was such a birth father?

From the looks of Lu Tao alone, it was obvious he wasnt kidding about how he really wanted Lu Zhanbeis life!

Lu Zhanbei said, "My father-and-son relationship with him is real. Its also real that he wants to kill me. The same goes for me."

"" Lin Wanwan was stuck. She was so shocked she didnt know what to say.

This pair of father and son was definitely extraordinary.

"What about your mother?"

The relationship between husband and son had reached a point where they were like water and fire. Hadnt she tried to reconcile them?

Lu Zhanbei frowned slightly. "They have divorced. The old man has long had a new lover and forgot about the old. My mother is living alone just fine."

One could tell that he didnt want to talk more on this topic. Lin Wanwan understood this and didnt continue.

Sitting on the bed, she signaled Lu Zhanbei to come over and sit. She went straight to the point, "Can you tell me about the Lu family so that Ill be psychologically prepared for the future?"

Lu Zhanbei recalled it.

"In the Ming Dynasty, there was a king of a different surname in the Lu family. The title of nobility was hereditary. In the Qing Dynasty, they became rich merchants. Gradually, the country declined.

"After that, my grandfathers generation of children and grandchildren took a different path. They became bandits. Slowly, they could be said to have obtained an admirable position.

"Lu Zhengyu is my father. When he took over, the Lu family was already one of the few famous names in Xia country. This old mans quite ambitious. He interfered in almost all walks of life in Xia country.

"With his support, some of his men entered the political circle, some had connections with businesses and the military, and some of them expanded overseas."

Hearing this, Lin Wanwan was tongue-tied.

She could only use this term to describe the Lu family: a family of majestic influence.

Lu Zhanbei played with a strand of Lin Wanwans hair and said carelessly, "Even so, the old man felt that it was not enough. He wanted to use my marriage to further improve the position of the Lu family. Its a pity that"

He curved his lips lightly, and his eyes were cold.

Lin Wanwan was enlightened and understood everything.

It was a pity that Lu Zhanbei was not a chess piece that could be easily manipulated.

Lu Zhanbei said, "Its a pity Im only willing to sell myself to you."

He was really not serious at all

Lin Wanwan was about to pounce over to tickle him when she was fully embraced.

"Sleep soon. If you want to understand me, you can do so anytime."

"Who wants to understand you!"

Lin Wanwan lay down and pulled up the blankets like a proud cat.

Lu Zhanbei laughed lightly and said, "Ill go out to see the situation there."


When he arrived at the study, Gu Mo was already waiting there for him for a long time.