Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 545

Chapter 545 Youre Indeed My Son

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"Sir, it has all been settled."

Lu Zhanbei nodded and asked again, "Have you found out who the traitor was?"

Hed been staying in Yun Mansion more often. Ever since Lin Wanwan began staying there for the night, he had strengthened the security measures.

Only insiders would know about the secret passageway that Lu Tao had led his men in.

"Its Mu Yun from the second guard post. He had over ten years of friendship with one of Lu Taos men and thought that since Lu Tao followed Old Master, he wouldnt hurt Sir, and thus"

"Stop." Lu Zhanbei interrupted him and said indifferently, "Everyone has their own reasons and difficulties. However, Im not Buddha and am unable to give the opportunity for one to turn back."

"Yes, I know what to do."

Lu Zhanbei stood up and walked to the window. He looked at the stars and had an expression without any clear meaning.

"Gu Mo, if I kill the old man now, what do you think are my chances of victory?"

"Fifty percent, I guess. Old Master understands Sirs character and would definitely take some precautions."

Lu Zhanbeis lips curved up slowly into a sinister smile. One look at it and anyone would feel scared. However, his tone was still so gentle.

"Then lets take action later. Im not like him, who always likes to play assassination games. If he really forces me to kill him, I will do it."

Gu Mos heart trembled and he looked down without saying a word.

Lu Zhanbei yawned, and the coldness from his body instantly disappeared without a trace. He waved lazily, "You head back too. I should hug my wife to sleep now."

Gu Mo had to hand it to him. Things had not started to take shape yet but he was already calling her his wife.

Yes, indeed, this was Sir. He was far-sighted and thick-skinned!

The five-star building in the center of the Imperial Capital was known to be the heart of Xia country. The main household of the Lu family was near this heart, and it could be seen how detached a position it had in Xia country.

In the study, Lu Zhengyu was standing in front of the study table. His hand was carrying a writing brush made of weasels hair. Following the action of writing, the words "Heavenly Place" were written on the paper.

He seemed to be dissatisfied and obtained another paper to rewrite the characters.

"All dead?" he suddenly asked.

The butler, who was standing by the side, answered respectfully, "Yes. Young Master discovered Lu Tao and threw all their bodies into the moat to feed the fishes."

Lu Zhengyu stopped in his movements. The last stroke of the word "heaven" became a blot of ink.

He slammed the writing brush on the table and laughed out of anger.

"Bastard kid! He thinks that his wings have hardened and I cant manage him anymore? Fu Zhinians a good-for-nothing, and so is he! An actress in the entertainment circle actually charmed him to this state!"

After taking a breath, he asked again, "Did any of Lu Zhanbeis men die from this operation?"

" No."

Not only were there no deaths, no one from Lu Zhanbei lost a single strand of hair.

In contrast, Lu Tao seemed to have died a worthy death.

Lu Zhengyus face sank. Just when the butler thought that he would fly into a rage, he suddenly laughed out loud.

"Haha, hes indeed my son! Give orders to start preparing the banquet. There are so many outstanding women in the Imperial Capital. Theres no reason he wouldnt fancy any!"

"Wasnt Old Master the most interested in Ms. Shen?"

Lu Zhengyu frowned. Indeed, he was most interested in Shen Zhiyi. After all, the Shen family was the only one that could fight side by side with the Lu family.

However, after their previous meet up to test water, he realized that theres more than meets the eye when it came to this daughter from the Shen family.

The two of them had gone in circles. She didnt reject the proposal, and neither did she agree. Thus, he had to make full preparations.

However, there was no need to explain these to a butler.

"Where is the Missus? Has she slept?"