Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 546

Chapter 546 Protest Against Wanwan

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"Not yet. Shes still in her room practicing embroidery. She said she wants to personally make Old Master a handkerchief."

Lu Zhengyus cold face revealed a smile. One could feel that there was a tender side to him.

He was preparing to return to his room when he suddenly thought of something. He ordered, "Remember, nobody is to mention in front of her that the rascal is together with Lin Wanwan."

If she were to know about it, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Lu Zhengyu closed his eyes, and the intention to murder Lin Wanwan increased a few notches.

If Lin Wanwan was purely just an actress, he could tolerate her staying by Lu Zhanbeis side as a lover.

However, she

If Lu Zhanbei insisted on being together with her, then she must die.

If there was a need to, he could even discard this son!

In the Imperial Capital Film Academy, Lin Wanwan was assigned to the second class in the performance department. Although Gu Yien wasnt in the same class as her, they were coincidentally arranged to be in the same hostel.

Both of them made their beds and chatted about Gu Yiens new drama. She had successfully passed the audition.

There was more free time in university compared to high school. As the students learn, they would become background actors outside to hone their acting skills.

Lin Wanwan spent a few days to familiarize herself with the new surroundings. Only after Tan Zhiyue called to say that everything was ready for "The Distance Just for You" did she free up her schedule to go for a photo shoot.

Finally, he even said, "Based on your position now, you will be more recognized for being the second female lead in this movie compared to when you were a newbie. You can release this piece of news to the public now, lest you get filmed secretly. That will give the paparazzi advantage."

"No problem."

Half an hour later, a mind-blowing news from the entertainment circle exploded on the Internet.

After disappearing for three years, the official Weibo accounts of "The Distance Just for You" and Tan Zhiyue suddenly uploaded a piece of news.

"Due to some reasons, this movie has been put on hold for three years. Now, filming is finally starting again. After negotiations, the original team of actors and actresses remain unchanged. The male lead is Luo Han and the female lead is Lian Qi. As for the role Jin Yanran, Lin Wanwan, who is the newbie award winner in the Golden Deer awards and the one with the most potential, will play this role. Stay tuned, thank you!"

Lin Wanwan forwarded Tan Zhiyues Weibo message: "I thank Director Tans recognition of me. I will work hard and play the role of Jin Yanran well."

Once the news was out, there was a wave of clamor on the Internet.

Everyone knew that the person who was supposed to play Jin Yanran was Lin Xiao!

After that, following Lin Xiaos death, this movie had been put on hold.

However, Lin Wanwan actually replaced Lin Xiao now and snatched her role?

Not only could Lin Xiaos fans not accept it, many passersby also expressed their protests and expressed their opinions on the Internet.

"I dont feel good at all waking up to the news of Lin Wanwan replacing my female goddess."

"I admit Lin Wanwan has the acting skills and is definitely a leader among the starlets. However, could she be compared to Lin Xiao? I dont mean to criticize her but the truth is that Lin Wanwan shouldnt have accepted this role. With Lin Xiao shining ahead of her, even if she continues to work hard, she wouldnt be on par with Lin Xiao!"

"As Lin Xiaos die-hard fan, I know she personally created the role of Jin Yanran. Since shes not around, the character of Jin Yanran should disappear together with her!"

"I strongly protest Lin Wanwan acting the role of Jin Yanran!"

Similar comments appeared nonstop on all major platforms.

Lin Xiaos official fan Weibo posted a message saying that they would definitely not watch this movie!