Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 547

Chapter 547 An Inexplicable birthday Present

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Lin Wanwan was once again caught in the teeth of the storm. Many media platforms had reported that although the articles didnt have the intention to degrade her, they revealed faintly that she had overestimated herself to actually dare to compete with the legendary actress.

Lin Wanwan was thankful that the news was released only now. If it was when she was a newbie, she was afraid she would have been blacklisted.

"Sigh" She sighed and touched her forehead.

She was actually boycotted by her own fans. What was going on?

Lin Wanwan had nowhere to rant and could only call Si Han, who knew about the truth, to complain.

With regards to this, Si Han "comforted" her by saying, "Youve asked for it yourself. I told you not to reveal anything when the movie hasnt started filming back then. In the end? You changed into Jin Yanrans outfit and posted it on Weibo. No one could suppress that."

Lin Wanwan pouted, not willing to take this lying down. "I like Jin Yanran too much, eh."

Si Han could not be bothered with such minor things. "You are shortlisted for the best female lead in Reapers Mask in the Bailing TV Festival. It would depend on this if Lin Wanwan can get her first famous actress award."

"Ok, Ive already received the shortlisted invitation. Its a week later. I wont forget it."

"Although this was a popular show, you have debuted for only a short period of time so the success rate of you winning the trophy is only half."

"I know."

What the TV drama awards took into account was not only the actors acting skills but also other factors.

"Dont worry. Regardless of the results, I will maintain equanimity."

As her words fell, a muffled sound could be heard from Si Hans side.

"What happened?"

"Nothing. A bimbo tried to secretly climb up to my bed and seduce me."

Lin Wanwans eyelids jumped. It must be Baoer.

"And then?"

"I recommended her a certain teachers movies and told her to try again after practicing her skills."

"" Lin Wanwan silently held her forehead. Such a topic was not suitable for an innocent and pure girl like her to participate in, and she resolutely hung up the call.

When she left the campus, she could hear students discussing everywhere that Lin Wanwan was replacing Lin Xiao as Jin Yanran.

She didnt explain further and made a trip to Shangguan Xis work studio.

Because of Su Maners trap previously, Shangguan Xi had misunderstood Lin Wanwan. In a moment of guilt, she took the initiative and requested to be her personal fashion designer. She would provide her with several outfits each season as fashion resources.

Half an hour later, Lin Wanwan carried a few gift boxes, hailed a taxi, and went to Yun Mansion.

Lu Zhanbei swept past the gift boxes in her arms and his eyes shone. "Coincidentally, I also have an outfit for you."

These words made Lin Wanwan think of that extravagant gown by Jennifer instantly and she immediately waved her hands, "Dont. I dont want to steal the limelight again."

"Dont worry. This is just a very ordinary gown. Follow me."

Ever since Lin Wanwan often stayed here, Lu Zhanbei had gotten his servants to prepare a cloakroom for her. The clothes and accessories inside were of the most popular designs in the season. They were updated once a month, and the dozens of wardrobes were fully packed.

Lu Zhanbei drew out a light purple gift box from the drawers. "Actually, this was meant for your birthday present. Ive forgotten to give it to you previously."

Lin Wanwan looked at him suspiciously.

Lu Zhanbei didnt seem to be a careless person

She opened the box and saw a light purple gown inside. It was a one-shoulder, knee-length waist dress. The skirt was embroidered with small flowers using silver thread, and it was simple and fresh. It was also elegant and very suitable for obedient and cute girls.