Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 548

Chapter 548 The Live Scene That Lost Control

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"You bought this?" Lin Wanwan looked at it. "Which masters work is this?"

Lu Zhanbei said, "I bought this from a little stall."

"How much did you spend?"


Lin Wanwan was speechless for a while. Then she rolled her eyes. "I dont believe it!"

Although the gown could not be compared to Jennifers personal design, it could definitely be presented on stage. Not only was the fabric excellent, each needlework and threadwork was tight, as if the person who made this had poured in a lot of effort.

"Lin Wanwan, how long is it since youve gone home?"


Lu Zhanbeis inexplicable question made Lin Wanawn stunned for a while before reacting.

"You mean to the Lin family?"


Lin Wanwans lips curved into a self-mocking arc. "Thats not my home. Aside from Grandpa, no one in the Lin family truly likes me or treats me well. Im not going back."

It was rare for her voice to bring out a little anger and willfulness that was not suitable for her age.

"Then, you"

"What happened?"

Lu Zhanbeis lowered eyes blocked the trace of light inside. "Nothing. Why dont you try on the clothes?"

"Oh" Lin Wanwan looked at him and thought it was strange.

When she tried it on, the gown was surprisingly fitting, as if it was made specifically for Lin Wanwan.

However, based on Lu Zhanbeis character, he would definitely not make such a dress to give her as a birthday present.

She couldnt figure it out and couldnt get an answer from Lu Zhanbei. As such, she didnt bother to think further.

The next day, Lin Wanwan was arranged to do a photo shoot for "The Distance Just for You."

She had a style of her own wearing a cheongsam and donning a hair bun. She looked more mature as well.

Filming took exactly a day for a set of clothes. Just from this, the rigor of the process could be seen.

Before she left, Tan Zhiyue comforted her, "Dont take to heart the stress from the outside world. The audiences eyes are clear. You have to fight for yourself and let those people who doubt you shut their mouths obediently."

"I understand. Thanks, Director Tan."

After resting for a night, Lin Wanwan rushed to attend the opening ceremony of "The Distance Just for You" at the Jiahua Studio.

Ever since the news of Lin Wanwan playing the role of Jin Yanran went out, she had always been the focus of netizens discussions. A lot of netizens who opposed to this would comment their protests on Tan Zhiyues and the movies official Weibo accounts daily.

They even said that if they must film "The Distance Just for You" again, they should delete the role of Jin Yanran.

Except Lin Xiao, no one could play the role of Jin Yanran well.

As such, when Tan Zhiyue held the opening ceremony under immense pressure, besides the different media entities, a few protesters who knew of this also made their way over.

A crowd of angry people surrounded the entrance to the studio.

Some people protested loudly. Some people held long red banners that wrote "Strongly oppose Lin Wanwan acting as Jin Yanran!"

What was more overboard was that some people in the crowd raised a huge photo. The photo was of Lin Wanwans face and upper body, but it was in black and white, thanks to Photoshop.

It was obviously a portrait for the deceased

"Damn!" Lian Qi, who played the female lead, slammed the table!

She had a beautiful face and looked good-natured but was very hot-tempered. She pointed in the direction of the deceased portrait and said, "Is there a hole in his or her brain? Such lack of morals. Where did he or she come from?"

Lin Wanwan looked at her and the corners of her lips gradually revealed a smile.

She and Lian Qi were not considered friends, but they had some form of relationship. She didnt expect that Lian Qis straightforwardness hadnt changed one bit after so many years.

Luo Han frowned. "That must be Lin Wanwans anti-fan who deliberately mingled into the crowd. The quality of Lin Xiaos fans isnt that low."