Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 549

Chapter 549 To Stir Up Trouble

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Lin Wanwan nodded silently and looked at her own "death portrait." Her eyes turned cold.

If these anti-fans thought that such a method could disgust her, then they were very, very wrong!

At this time, the assistant director came running over, sweating all over. His voice was anxious as he said, "Director Tan, those people are not willing to leave. Theres even someone who said that if Lin Wanwan must play the role of Jin Yanran, they would kick up a fuss such that the opening ceremony cant proceed!"

Tan Zhiyues face sank.

The movie was put on hold because of Lin Xiaos death, and it came back to life because of Lin Wanwan.

If Lin Wanwan doesnt act in this, there wasnt a need tor the movie to resume filming at all!

"Then theres no need to hold this lousy ceremony anymore. Get the security guards to disperse the crowd. We will film according to the original plan!"

As the words fell, a few people, including Lin Wanwan, could not help but frown.

If Tan Zhiyue really did that, once word got out, this movie would as good as lose its audience completely.

Even if Luo Han and Lian Qi held the fort, there might not necessarily be room for change for box office sales.

"Director Tan, wait!"

Before the assistant director could leave, Lin Wanwan said sincerely, "This commotion started because of me. Can I go and say a few words? If I cant persuade them, its not too late to make a decision then as well."

Seeing that she was insistent, Tan Zhiyue could only nod. "Go and try."

Luo Han stood up slowly. "Ill accompany you."

Lian Qi saw that Lin Wanwan had a small build and was worried she would get into trouble. As such, she silently followed behind.

The three of them walked toward the crowd.

Seeing Lin Wanwan walking over, the man holding her "death portrait" quickly threw an egg at her and started to hurl vulgarities.

"Lin Wanwan, if youre sensible, take the initiative to quit! Youre not fit to take on Lin Xiaos role. A useless bimbo like you should have quit the entertainment circle long ago!"

Lin Wanwan tilted her head slightly and avoided it easily. "I dont need you to stir up trouble here."

She cast an icy cold stare directly at him. It was like a sharp sword pierced through him, and he shrank his neck.

"I dont know where such an anti-fan like you came from, or maybe you were sent by someone to do this. Its not up to you to decide if I, Lin Wanwan, am fit to play this role or if I am a bimbo!"

She calmly swept her gaze over the different faces in front of her.

"I understand everyones feelings for Lin Xiao, and I can understand how you find this unacceptable. However, this movie is the effort of both Director Tan and Lin Xiao. I believe that if The Distance Just for You were to stop filming, this would be a great regret for Lin Xiao. Even if she couldnt personally act in this, she wouldnt want her own efforts to go to waste.

"The reason why I accepted this role was because, like Lin Xiao, I really like Jin Yanran. As Lin Xiaos fan, I hope that she can see her own efforts shine on the big screen in heaven. Its as simple as that."

Her tone was gentle, but it was neither haughty nor humble.

Everyone looked at one another, and there was an obvious decrease of rejection in their eyes.

It was also their regret not to see Lin Xiao play the role of Jin Yanran.

If Lin Wanwan could really make up for this regret, they were also willing to see it.

At this time, the anti-fan seemed to have some sort of instructions as he said sharply again, "Who are you to say that? You dont even know Lin Xiao. On what basis are you speaking on behalf of her? On what basis again do you feel that shes willing to let someone else play her role?"

It was particularly easy for peoples thoughts to waver.

They were eager for some actions again, as they felt that what this person said made sense.