Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 550

Chapter 550 Male God Strikes Again

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Lin Wanwan laughed coldly. She understood everything now.

Although Lin Xiaos hardcore fans were against this, they would have never made such a fierce move. Although passersby were irritated, they wouldnt have been angry enough to kick up a fuss here.

It looked like someone was stirring up trouble behind the scenes and manipulating everything!

Lin Wanwan took a deep breath and was about to counter them.

Suddenly, a quiet and magnetic male voice resounded through the audience.

"Lin Wanwan isnt qualified to speak on behalf of Lin Xiao. Then, am I qualified?"

Everyone was quiet for a moment, and they looked toward the sound.

A slender and tall man walked over slowly. Each button was neatly buckled on his three-piece western suit.

That pair of narrow eyes was extremely cold. He rubbed his thin lips lightly. Regardless if it was his expression or the coldness that radiated from his body, he carried with him a strong trace of abstinence.

Lin Wanwan blinked. She was shocked he would be here.

Luo Han and Lian Qi, who were standing next to her, called out unanimously, "Si Han!"

There was a huge commotion when the crowd heard this name.

"Oh my, look quickly! Its the living Si Han!"

"The last time I heard about him was during Lin Xiaos death anniversary. It has been three years. This is the first time hes appearing in public. Is he going to make a comeback!?"

"My Si male god Ive finally seen you again."

Not only was the crowd about to go mad from the agitation, the reporters who were silently filming this live scene not too far away were excited as well.

Si Han had appeared!

These words alone were sufficient to become the hottest topic in the near future!

Si Han seemed not to have heard about these heated discussions. He walked over to Lin Wanwan and didnt say any nonsense.

"Im here to clarify two things. Number one, a year ago, I have officially become Lin Wanwans manager. Sorry, everyone, I have slapped myself in the face."


A tossed stone had raised a thousand ripples!

The crowd was shocked. Some of them even formed an O shape with their mouths.

Three years ago, Si Han announced in front of many media outlets that he would never bring up any artistes again.

Was Lin Wanwan so good that he was willing to slap himself in the face and make a comeback to help her?

Si Han didnt mind these peoples shock and puzzlement. His gesture was cold and elegant, and they perfectly embodied a male god of abstinence.

"Number two, I believe everyones clear about my relationship with Lin Xiao. As her manager and friend, I would like to tell everyone that Lin Xiao is definitely not a short-sighted actress. Her dream as an actress was to let the classics continue their legacy. She would definitely not be willing to let such a script and role disappear in this world. If not, I wouldnt have agreed to Lin Wanwan accepting this script!"

When Si Han finished saying his words, the entire scene was silent.

Regardless if it was Lin Xiaos fans who truly couldnt get used to Lin Wanwan playing the role of Jin Yanran or the passersby who were incited, none of them made any more protests.

It was only that anti-fan who was not willing to give up and said, "What proof do you have that this is Lin Xiaos will? The dead cant bear witness. Its not up to you to say anything!"

Si Han looked at him. Although the gaze wasnt sharp at all, it made that person feel the chills.

With a slam, a mineral water bottle was thrown over. It hit the mans face heavily, and two streams of blood flowed down from his nose.

Angry accusatory voices sounded.

"Get lost! You actually dared to doubt my male god! Who in the entertainment circle doesnt know that Si Han never lies? There was once a reporter lacking a heart who asked him about Lin Xiaos measurements and he answered him truthfully!"

"I have long found him not pleasing to the eye. Even if he hates Lin Wanwan, he shouldnt have made a death portrait of her. So vicious!"

"Hit him!"