Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 552

Chapter 552 More Than Enough To Protect You On My Own

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She clearly saw the respected Lin Wanwan and that anti-fan obediently handing over the mobile phone at Lu Zhanbeis threat.


The womans eyes were full of ferociousness. Looking similar to Lin Wanwan, she turned out to be Lin Siqing!

"Lin Wanwan, count yourself lucky this time around!"

Lin Siqing seemed to have remembered something. She quickly dug out her mobile and threw away the phone card. Then, she installed a new one and dialed a number.

As the call got connected, she said in a hurry, "Ive failed again! I didnt expect Si Han to have actually become Lin Wanwans manager. With his help, we cant use Lin Xiao to smear her anymore. Also, I dont know where this man came from but he captured the professional anti-fan Ive hired. He has now ratted me out. What should I do now?"

"Dont be afraid."

A gentle female voice could be heard from the receiver. "Listen to what I say. Destroy the telephone card used to contact him. Nobody saw you so they cant trace it back to you."

Lin Siqing heaved a sigh of relief. Then, she said in a vengeful tone, "Lin Wanwan managed to dodge the bullet again. Im so unwilling to take this lying down!"

"Heh, Siqing. Youre so cute and foolish."

The gentle female voice sounded very tender, and she seemed to be younger than Lin Siqing.

However, every word of hers carried with it a sense of matureness and calmness that didnt belong to her peers of the same age.

"This is just an appetizer. The main course is still to come. Tolerate it for a while more. Ill return to the country next month."

"Next month?"

Upon hearing this, Lin Siqing was ecstatic!

She had seen for herself how formidable her tricks were. Once this woman becomes serious, Lin Wanwan would definitely end up in a very pitiful state!

"Ill wait for you!"

"Obedient girl. By then, Ill help you get back at Lin Wanwan tenfold."

After the opening ceremony, Lin Wanwan sent Si Han off from the studio.

"Si Dada, you shouldnt have appeared today."


Lin Wanwan kicked a small stone and said sullenly, "Even if you admit that you have slapped yourself in the face, there would be some people who have nothing better to do who would say that you have eaten your words and slam you as a hypocrite or something."

Seeing that she was in a rare state of seriousness, Si Han also dropped his usual attitude of laziness, as if he had returned to the times when he was calm and self-sufficient.

"If I cant help you out of your predicament when you are in trouble, what kind of a manager am I? Although Im not very capable, Im still more than enough to protect you on my own."

Listening to him say this, Lin Wanwan felt it was both touching and funny.

Did he have to be that shameless?

If Si Han can be considered to be not very capable, then there werent many people who were capable in this world.

After sending Si Han off, Lin Wanwan took the original route back and started her first filming scene.

Lin Wanwan had single-handedly created the role of Jin Yanran. She thought she could easily control this role. Instead, she NG-ed countless times during the first scene and had totally thrown her face as a big-shot actress.


Tan Zhiyue said helplessly, "Wanwan, you are holding a cigarette in your mouth, not a lollipop. You have to portray Jin Yanran smoking in style."

To let a person who hated the smell of cigarettes portray smoking stylishly

Lin Wanwan only wanted to say

She couldnt do it!

She felt that water must have entered her brains that year to have given Jin Yanran such a character setup.

In the evening at Yun Mansion

Once Lu Zhanbei stepped into the living room, he saw Lin Wanwan squatted on the floor, holding a cigarette in her mouth. She looked lonely and sad.

"Youre back."