Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 553

Chapter 553 As Your Boyfriend I Have To Complement You

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Lin Wanwan looked at him dejectedly and coincidentally caught sight of the gloom in his eyes that had not yet faded.

"Whats wrong? Did something happen?"

Lu Zhanbei shook his head. "No."

He had used Mo Jiushangs intelligence network but didnt manage to find out who the mastermind was based on that mobile number.

The mastermind was very careful and usually communicated with that professional anti-fan via short messages. Even for monetary transactions, the mastermind had paid a beggar to directly throw the money into the anti-fans mailbox.

When Gu Mo found him, the beggar was already dead.

Lu Zhanbei glanced at Lin Wanwan, who was holding a ladys cigarette in her mouth. "Trying to learn how to smoke?"

"Yes. I especially came here to find you to teach me."

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips and smiled. "No problem."

He took out the cigarette from Lin Wanwans mouth and placed it in his mouth. Then, he slowly lit it.

It was obviously an ordinary movement. However, when he did it, there was an idyllic sort of elegance.

"To learn how to smoke, there is one very important step."


Lu Zhanbei took a deep drag from the cigarette and said temptingly, "First, you have to get used to the smell."

Without waiting for Lin Wanwan to nod in acknowledgment, the mans rough fingers had already clasped the back of her head firmly and he gave her a kiss.


Following Lu Zhanbeis plundering move, a thick cigarette smell attacked her lips. It was so pungent that Lin Wanwan coughed and pushed him away.

"Lu Zhanbei, how can you force me to get used to it like this?"

This man was obviously trying to take advantage!

Lu Zhanbei said matter-of-factly, "This is a necessary process."

What nonsense!

Lin Wanwan glared at him. As she had been coughing for a while, her cheeks were stained with a seductive red. Not only was this glare not threatening at all, it was charming and feminine instead.

Lu Zhanbeis sexy Adams apple moved subconsciously twice. He hugged her waist and his voice was hoarse. "Again."


After a few cycles of this, Lin Wanwan finally got used to the smell of a ladys cigarette.

She was about to make Lu Zhanbei stop his madness of taking advantage of her when the man said leisurely, "The smell of a ladys cigarette is too faint. In order to make sure you have completely learned, lets try each brand of cigarettes once."

Lin Wanwan asked, "How many brands of cigarettes are there in this world?"

"A few thousands?"

" A*shole!"

She couldnt tolerate it any longer. She flung Lu Zhanbeis arm away and headed upstairs angrily.

Midway, she heard the man ask in a serious tone, "Lin Wanwan, have you thought about filming bed scenes in the future?"

Regardless of whether it was her previous or current life, Lin Wanwans works were all based on acting skills and never had any exposure scenes.

"What are you asking this for? Do you want me to film a bed scene?" she said in bad temper.


Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan was extremely shocked. Did the sun rise from the west? He actually condoned her this much? Was this true love!?

However, Lu Zhanbeis next sentence directly broke her illusion. "You have never had experience in this aspect. As your boyfriend, I have to complement you and stick to this position until you have learned."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

She didnt want such a shameless boyfriend anymore!

Whoever wanted him, come and get him!

Lin Wanwan rushed into the bedroom without looking back and locked the door.

When Lu Zhanbei realized this, he didnt try a hard tactic either. He gave a low laugh helplessly and went to the guest room next door.

The next day, Lin Wanwan returned to the studio.

After Lu Zhanbeis teachings and her own practice, her smoking scenes were soon over.