Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 554

Chapter 554 The Man Who Will Spend The Rest Of His Life With Her Is Me. The Child She Bears Will Follow My Surname

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The role of Jin Yanran was somewhat complicated. In that age of turmoil, in order to survive, she became a dancer and flirted with all kinds of wealthy men. She cant be considered kind.

However, after she met and fell in love with the male lead, in order to help him fulfill his dream, she didnt hesitate to sacrifice her life for him unconditionally.

She didnt understand what that thing called an overall national interest was. However, all that she did was sufficient for her to be given the title of a "hero."

"Ok, pass!"

Tan Zhiyue gave a hand signal and called Lin Wanwan over. His tone was a little hesitant.

"Wanwan, I havent seen you for a while. Why is it that your acting skills seemed to have improved by quite a bit again?"

Lin Wanwan had long prepared the answer. "I wasnt playing for a whole month in Country G."

Tan Zhiyue remembered that she had been training abroad for a while and nodded.

Lin Wanwan was a piece of jade. As long as she was carved well, a state of perfection could be achieved.

"Im more relieved now."

Seeing that Tan Zhiyue had heaved an obvious sigh of relief, Lin Wanwan knew what he was feeling comforted over.

What happened at the opening ceremony had long spread throughout the Internet.

Regardless of whether it was Si Hans appearance or Lin Wanwans sincere speech, they had caused quite a stir.

Although most of the protesters were already relieved, they now began to worry if Lin Wanwan could interpret this role well.

After all, their expectations for Jin Yanran were too high. As long as there was some shortcoming, they would not be able to help but criticize it in disappointment.

Tan Zhiyue was also worried. Even though Lin Wanwan had the aura, her acting skills were still slightly tender. Thus, she might not be able to control the role well.

However, he completely didnt have such considerations now.

Lin Wanwan traveled between school and the studio for the next few days consecutively.

The Bailing TV Festival had also started under many peoples expectations.

Although it wasnt considered the most famous TV festival in Xia country, it was still popular among the public.

Early in the morning, the red carpet was fully surrounded by reporters from major media outlets and fans who came from all corners of the country.

In the midst of taking photos, they waved the light sticks in their hands and raised the support cards with their idols names up high.

From afar, one can see that the scene was crowded and the atmosphere was lively.

Once it was time, celebrities set foot on the red carpet one after another.

There were bursts of cheers. The names that were shouted out included actors who already had a certain reputation like Luo Han and those who became famous because of their acting skills.

Films had earned reputation while the TV dramas had attracted popularity.

Even those famous actors and actresses who were active in front of the big screens would reveal their faces in TV dramas from time to time to ensure that their popularity was stable.

Not too far away from the entrance of the red carpet, a black Rolls-Royce was parked quietly by the road.

"Lu Zhanbei, you can just drop us here."

Lin Wanwan unfastened her seat belt and waved to Si Han. "Si Dada, its time to go."

Lu Zhanbei held her hand. "You really plan to walk the red carpet together with him?"

"You have an opinion?"

Si Han took over the conversation to provoke him, "Well, what do we do? Your relationship couldnt be seen in public. Thats quite pitiful, isnt it? Mr. Lu is so affectionate but still cant appear in public together with her."

Lu Zhanbei looked at him and was not annoyed. "Youre jealous of me."

"Why should I be jealous of you?" Si Hans face was full of disdain.

Lu Zhanbei said calmly, "Although Lin Wanwan is your artiste, the man who will spend the rest of his life together with her is me. The child she bears will follow my surname. I hope you can be like me and have a better heart."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Lu Zhanbei had a better heart? Indeed she could only laugh.