Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 555

Chapter 555 Include His Surname Before Her Title As Soon As Possible

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Si Han was not angry. Instead, he laughed. "Youre very confident that Lin Wanwan would eventually marry you?"

"Of course."

"Then, lets wait and see."

Si Han adjusted his black bow tie. He grabbed Lin Wanwans hand and quickly got off the car. "I think its time to disclose our second-tier relationship to the public."

"Eh? What relationship?"



Si Han ignored Lin Wanwans cracked expression and looked toward Lu Zhanbei, whose face had darkened. He laughed lazily.

"As I have fallen in love with Lin Wanwan, I would rather slap myself in the face so that I can become her manager. After a year, love has blossomed between us and weve decided to use the Bailing TV Festival as a platform to announce to the public that we are in love. Mr. Lu, do you think this piece of news can make it to the hot searches?"

This was definitely a serious fight!

A dense coldness flashed past Lu Zhanbeis eyes. He curved his lips and smiled. He got off the car as well and held Lin Wanwans other hand.

"A man surnamed Si has come in between Lin Wanwan and her boyfriend. He used his status as a manager to destroy the feelings between the two. I think this has a higher probability of making it to the hot searches."

Lin Wanwan was stunned. She took a deep breath and forcefully separated the two childish men who were currently challenging each other via stares.

"Both of you, stop. Its going to be my turn soon. Dont come up with any stunts. If not, Ill beat you up until your own mothers cant recognize you!"

Queen Lin had spoken. Both men could only admit defeat.

A few minutes later, Lin Wanwan hooked her arm on Si Hans arm and stepped onto the red carpet.

Today, she wore an extremely long white gown with a complex design. The round pink pearls were dotted like stars in front of her chest, adding a few touches of playfulness.

A thin layer of tulle was wrapped around her. As it moved gently with the breeze, her long hair moved gently as well, and she looked like a fairy.

She and Si Han had formed a black-and-white combination, and this made an amazing picture.


A burst of crazy screams immediately rang at the scene.

"The living Si Han has appeared again! Indeed, today isnt a wasted trip!"

"Ball, we are here! Take a look at us here!"

"It looks like my male god really values Lin Wanwan. He had been Lin Xiaos manager for so many years but only appeared on the red carpet together with her thrice. Furthermore, those were for three major movie festivals. This is just a TV festival but he actually accompanied her personally!"

The noise was mixed with the glaring flashing lights. It was so noisy that Si Hans temples started to throb slightly. "Lets walk quickly!"

Lin Wanwan was long used to such a scene. She nodded in acknowledgment to her surroundings.

Both of them walked out far but could still hear the fans shouting in their affection.

In the car, Lu Zhanbei heard a number of girls screaming "Lin Wanwan, I want to marry you, I want to bear fruits for you." He inexplicably didnt feel good.

Even if one were to bear fruits, it should be Lin Wanwan bearing for him.

His wife was too likable and more love rivals were appearing.

It looked like he had to speed up and include his surname to Lin Wanwans title as soon as possible.

In the awards hall

Si Han completed his mission and left first. Lin Wanwan sat in the middle of the hall and was surrounded by the core members of "The Reapers Mask" team.

Not too long later, the entire hall was fully occupied.

Lin Wanwan swept her gaze across and found a few familiar faces.

Luo Han, Lian Qi, Qin Xiangyu, Xia Muxue, Meng Lu and so on.

Inadvertently, Lin Wanwan sensed that a line of sight bearing malicious intent was trained at her.

She instinctively tilted her head and saw a woman seated in the second row looking at her with an arrogant and disdainful look.