Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 556

Chapter 556 Im Lucky If I Win And Its My Fate If I Dont

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Lin Wanwan felt confused. She didnt remember having offended her before. She didnt even know who she was.

She was still feeling puzzled when Director Jiang Zhiming, who was beside her, whispered in a low voice, "Shes Luo Nanxi. Shes nominated for the best female lead this time around and can be considered to be your strongest opponent for the award."

At the same time that Lin Wanwan was being enlightened, she recalled a very old matter.

When Si Han had just joined the industry, the first artiste he was supposed to bring up was Luo Nanxi. Back then, she had cut her off.

In the end, Si Han had forked out a huge sum of money as compensation. However, Luo Nanxi had argued this point to death. Shed used her intimate relationship with the companys management and caused trouble for Lin Wanwan.

Si Han had not been able to tolerate it any longer and gave Luo Nanxi a slap at a public event once. Hed exposed her scandals and caused her to go into hiding for two years.

Although Lin Wanwans identity didnt have any grudges with Luo Nanxi, she was probably angered by her because of Si Han.

Jiang Zhiming continued, "In order to regain her popularity, she married a minister from a certain department in the TV headquarters two years ago, and it could be said that shes made a comeback"

Lin Wanwan interrupted him and asked, "Luo Nanxis twenty-five years old this year. How old is that minister?"

" Fifty-two."

"How old are the ministers children?"

"The eldest is thirty. The youngest is twenty-seven."

Lin Wanwan was silent for a short while. She looked at Luo Nanxi, who had been staring at her, and silently gave her a thumbs up.

Bravo! Really, bravo!

In Luo Nanxis eyes, this action of admiration was misread as Lin Wanwan trying to please her. She could not help but laugh coldly and turned her head in disdain.

This scene was witnessed by Qin Xiangyu, who was once best friends with Su Maner but later pulled her down because of self-preservation.

The lights on the stage lit up. Accompanied by some music, two hosts appeared on stage elegantly.

The awarding process for the TV festival was about the same as the movie festival, and the sequence was based on the size of the awards.

After the best director, it was time for the best female lead.

The nominees were Lin Wanwan, Luo Nanxi, Qin Xiangyu, and a starlet.

"I hereby announce that the winner of the best female lead for this years Bailing TV Festival is"

The person presenting the award opened the card and deliberately dragged the note to keep people guessing.

"Luo Nanxi! Congratulations!"

There was a thundering round of applause.

Lin Wanwan was stunned for a while. Then, she smiled lightly and started clapping.

Luo Nanxi stood up with everyone looking at her. She was like a peacock as she gave a sneering look to Lin Wanwan along with a victorious gesture. She received the trophy and started to deliver her award speech.


Looking into Jiang Zhimings concerned eyes, Lin Wanwan shook her head and smiled. "Im lucky if I win, and its my fate if I dont. This only proves my abilities are not strong enough. Ill try harder next time. Director Jiang, congratulations for winning the best director this time around."

"Thank you. I definitely believe that you can succeed."

Actually, Jiang Zhiming was feeling perplexed.

He had watched the TV drama that Luo Nanxi was nominated for. Although her performance was alright, it was still a far cry from Lin Wanwans performance.

Could it be that the organizer gave the award to Luo Nanxi just because Lin Wanwan didnt have enough qualifications yet?

A veteran won the last award, which was for the best male lead.

With that, the awards ceremony came to an end.

After it ended, the organizer threw a gathering at the big hall next door.

Lin Wanwan initially didnt plan on attending it. However, Jiang Zhiming wanted to talk to her about the concept for the new script. She could only go to the changing room, remove her complicated gown, and put on the gown that supposedly cost 35 yuan, which Lu Zhanbei had bought and given to her.

Once she appeared at the hall, she immediately attracted a lot of shocked or jealous gazes.