Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 557

Chapter 557 A Placenta Brain

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Amidst all kinds of high-profile and gorgeous gowns, Lin Wanwan, who was wearing this simple gown, was like a lily among the brilliant purples and reds.

Her light was not dampened by the colors that seemed to pale in comparison. Instead, her refined beauty was enhanced.

"Wanwan, here!"

Jiang Zhiming waved his hands. Lin Wanwan was about to walk over when someone intercepted her out of nowhere.

"Lin Wanwan, we meet again."

Qin Xiangyu, who wore a silver fishtail skirt, displayed a trace of pureness amidst her sexiness. She had a smile on her face, but the words she said were ridden with sarcasm.

"Although you have failed this time around, you dont have to be discouraged. After all, youre still young. As long as youre willing to hone your acting skills, you might be able to succeed in three to five years time."

Luo Nanxi, who was sitting on a high stool not too far away, rolled her eyes. The contempt behind it was clear.

Other people in the hall also looked at this scene with great interest. They looked forward to how Lin Wanwan would react to Qin Xiangyu, who was obviously finding fault.

"Ms. Qins right."

Lin Wanwan smiled lightly. She changed the topic and said, "This is the first time Ive attended the Bailing TV Festival. Its not a big deal even if I failed. After all, Im not like someone, failing year after year. Such a shame."

In that instant, Qin Xiangyus face turned green!

"Chuckle" Lian Qi, the female lead in "The Distance Just for You," had been watching this scene, and she gave Lin Wanwans face and laughed out loud.

Qin Xiangyus face turned from green to white, and she raised both fists slightly.

This was the third time shed attended the Bailing TV Festival. However, she never won a trophy before.

"What you said made sense."

Qin Xiangyu resisted the urge to vomit blood and had said this sentence. Then, she quickly changed the topic.

"However, you also cannot now be considered a newbie who just debuted. Why did you not pay attention to your image? Dont mind me for saying the truth. Your outfit is really nothing much. Which third-rate designers work is this?"

As she said this, her slender hands moved her skirt in a faintly discernible manner. The silver fishtail skirt shimmered under the light.

A few people secretly frowned.

Although Lin Wanwans gown was not considered luxurious, she looked like a beautiful young girl when she wore it. It was very eye-catching. At least, most people had thought so.

At this moment, Luo Nanxi yawned lazily. "The outfits ugly, which makes the person whos wearing it seem ordinary. Even if you give it to me, I wont cast another eye on it."

Listening to the two of them in perfect harmony and trying to make things difficult for her, Lin Wanwan smiled slightly. "It looked like Ms. Qin and Ms. Luo should pay a visit to the ophthalmologist."

Luo Nanxis expression changed slightly!

Qin Xiangyu covered her mouth and laughed. She said in a pitiful and sympathetic tone, "We are just speaking the truth. You dont have to fly into a rage out of humiliation. Since you dare wear it out, cant you allow us to give a few comments?"

This was not going to end, was it

The smile on Lin Wanwans face didnt change. However, she was feeling more irritated by the minute.

This Qin Xiangyu really had nothing better to do. Instead of thinking how she can work hard to improve herself, she relied heavily on her image of a little fairy and liked to compete with others for everything.

Lin Wanwan really didnt want to waste time with such people and was prepared to end this boring exchange of words.


A female voice that was laughing coldly could be heard. Everyone turned and looked over subconsciously.

Lian Qi sat elegantly on the high stool, holding a glass of red wine in her hands. She clearly looked like a good-natured and decent girl from a respectable family. However, her words were deadly.

"I see that not only do the two of you have problems with your eyes, there are also problems with your brains. Did your mothers throw away the fetus when you guys were born and raised people with placenta brains instead?"