Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 558

Chapter 558 A Complete Victory To A Roadside Good

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When they heard this, not only did Lin Wanwans lips twitch, the others also looked suspiciously like they were holding back laughter.

Lian Qi really dared to say anything.

Qin Xiangyu was flushed red but was still holding back.

However, Luo Nanxi blew up in an instant. She shouted furiously, "Lian Qi, what do you mean?!"

"You dont even understand this. Indeed, you have a brain developed from a placenta," Lian Qi mumbled in a voice that could be heard by everyone. Under Luo Nanxis angry gaze, she said slowly, "Everyone with normal eyesight could tell that this gown is very pretty. When Lin Wanwan wore it, its value increased by a few notches. Is there a point in the two of you lying through your teeth?"

Everyone experienced once again what was called straightforwardness.

Lin Wanwan felt that Lian Qi looked like a heroine from the ancient times at this moment.

So handsome!

"Actually, Ive long wanted to ask. Wanwan, which designers work is this? Or perhaps, which shop brand does this belong to? I like it, and I want to buy something similar."

"Indeed, its very beautiful and gives off a good aura!"

"Wanwan, dont be stingy. Quickly tell us where you bought this from. I think it looks better than what someone else is wearing!"

Previously, when Qin Xiangyu and Luo Nanxi had joined forces to criticize Lin Wanwan, no one had chipped in.

Once Lian Qi helped Lin Wanwan out, it immediately attracted the approval of a large group of people.

She was a great actress and was true to her name. She had a high status in the entertainment circle and a good relationship with others. What she said was also the truth.

As Luo Nanxi and Qin Xiangyu listened to words of flattery for Lin Wanwan at the side, their faces flushed red, as if they were being ridiculed by a large group of people.

In the end, Qin Xiangyu recovered herself first. She tried to play the same trick and get closer to Luo Nanxi. "Sister Nanxi, can we step aside to chat for a while? I would like to"

"Whos your sister? Dont try to pull strings in front of me!"

Luo Nanxi was burning with rage. She turned around rudely and glared at Lian Qi with hatred.

Not only was Lian Qi not afraid, she even showed her the middle finger.

This woman was too arrogant!

Luo Nanxi was furious. When she thought of how Lin Wanwan had caused her to lose face, she was even more resentful.

Si Han wasnt someone kind. The artiste he brought up was even more irritating!

Lian Qi, Lin Wanwan lets wait and see!

Luo Nanxi flicked her hair and walked out with hatred.

Qin Xiangyus eyes flashed slightly and she followed suit too.

Both of them had walked to the door when they heard Lin Wanwan saying helplessly, "Everyone, please stop asking. This gown was bought from a small stall, and it cost only 35 yuan."


Luo Nanxis and Qin Xiangyus faces were like palettes that had been knocked over their expressions kept changing and it was very exciting.

After a while, someone smiled and said, "You have used a roadside good that cost a few tens of dollars to compare with our gowns, which cost a few tens of thousands dollars. Youre really good."

Lin Wanwan scratched her head in embarrassment and said, "I had no choice. Im in short supply of fashion resources right now. Everyone, if theres an opportunity, do recommend me more brands!"

Lian Qi could not help but smile lightly. She felt that this little girl was pretty interesting.

The farce ended with Qin Xiangyu and Luo Nanxi exiting the scene in a sorry state.

Lin Wanwan and Jiang Zhiming chatted about the new script for a while. Then, Lu Zhanbeis message was sent over.

"Do you need me to prepare a candlelight dinner to celebrate your success?"

Lin Wanwan pouted. What celebration?

"Im very happy that you have so much confidence in me. But sadly I have failed. Haha."

When Lu Zhanbei, who was at Yun Mansion, saw this message, he frowned slightly.


She shouldnt have.