Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 559

Chapter 559 Inside Story He Had Interfered Too Much. Its Time To Cut His Hand

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Similar to Jiang Zhiming, Lu Zhanbei too felt that something was amiss. After all, he had watched that drama from the first episode to the end and personally witnessed Lin Wanwans acting skills.

"Gu Mo."

Gu Mo pushed open the door and entered.

"Go and check if there was any inside story during this years Bailing TV Festival."

If there wasnt, everything was fine.

If there was

Gu Mo felt that there was a sudden drop in temperature in the room and he no longer grinned cheekily.

"Yes, give me half an hour!"

Gu Mo received his orders and left. Lu Zhanbei looked at his mobile again and saw another message sent by Lin Wanwan.

"Ah, would there still be a candlelight dinner?"

Lu Zhanbei smiled and replied, "As long as you want it, you can have it anytime."

"Ok, wait for me to be back! (^o^)/~"

Within half an hour, Gu Mo returned. "Sir, Ive already checked it out."

"Tell me."

"Theres no other inside story for the other awards from the Bailing TV Festival. Its just that for the best actress award, the organizer had been put in a spot. Ms. Lins very capable, but her qualifications are low. Theres an actress named Luo Nanxi who was the exact opposite of her. The organizer couldnt decide between them until Old Master suddenly gave a call to the organizer."

Sensing the icy atmosphere all around Lu Zhanbei, Gu Mo lowered his head and dared not look into his eyes.

"In the end, the organizer chose Luo Nanxi."

"I see."

Lu Zhanbei had said these words without any clear meaning. He was not angry. Instead, he laughed.

"He had interfered too much. Its time to cut his hand."

"" Gu Mo lowered his head even more.

As Lu Zhanbei held his forehead with one hand, his slender fingertips tapped his head gently.

After a while, he dug out his mobile and dialed a number. "Minister Yao, this is Lu Zhanbei."

"I dont have any orders for you. I just feel that its time to start the Imperial Capital TV Festival."

"I dont have any other meaning. I just find it really boring recently and would like to watch a higher-end TV festival for entertainment purposes."

"Yes. The sooner, the better."

After saying this, Lu Zhanbei hung up the call.

Gu Mo saw from the corner of his eye that he had recovered his usual calmness. Could Sir be considered to have caused a general fury because of the beauty?

The Imperial Capital TV Festival was the most important and largest official TV festival in Xia country. There was none other like it. This was directly organized by the TV headquarters and was of the highest quality. It could put the Bailing TV Festival behind by three streets.

It was obvious that Sir wanted to help his wife out.

It was just that

After considering it for a long time, Gu Mo honestly asked his own doubts, "Why didnt you directly decide on Ms. Lin? With one word from Sir, she could have definitely gotten the best actress award without any risk."

Lu Zhanbei said, "She can completely rely on her own ability to get it. Why must I go the extra mile?"

"Yes" Sir had real confidence in Lin Wanwan.

Lu Zhanbei was still feeling a little unhappy. He didnt even dare to let Lin Wanwan suffer a little wrong. On what basis did that old man do that?

At this moment, the internal telephone on the study table rang.

Lu Zhanbei glanced at the caller ID and his lips twitched. He said "hello" in a cold manner.

"Unfilial son, so you do know how to pick up my calls?"

Lu Zhanbei could not be bothered with his sarcasm. "Then, goodbye."

Lu Zhengyu, who was on the other end, hurriedly stopped him, "Wait, I have something to tell you!"

"Let it out."

Lu Zhengyu was stunned for a while before understanding that Lu Zhanbei meant for him to spit his words and release his fart quick.

"This is your attitude to your father?"

"What else?" Lu Zhanbeis lips curved into a self-deprecating smile. "You want me to kowtow to you? Youre not dead yet. Should there be a day youre really buried, I might consider doing so."