Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Does It Have To Be This Dirty?

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Every turn she took was a smooth drift that not many professional racers could do.

How did a person who had been locked up at home for all of her life master driving like this?

Lu Zhanbei chuckled softly, and his beady eyes stared with suspicion. “Really?”

“Yes! Yes!” Lin Wanwan knew that she’d let the cat out of the bag, and she sounded diffident.

Lu Zhanbei was certainly plotting against her. She almost fell for it.

Lin Wanwan didn’t dare to show off her driving skills anymore. Following the GPS, she safely drove back to the Yun Mansion and got off immediately.

“I’ve sent you home and have something on, bye-bye!”

She had no interest in actually doing anything with Lu Zhanbei.

Just as she was about to walk away, an irresistible force locked her in place.

A slight pull made her lose control of her body and she fell right into Lu Zhanbei’s arms.

“What’s the rush? I have the entire night to prove to you whether or not I’m into you.”

Lu Zhanbei swept her off her feet and carried her in his arms.

Gazing at his defined jaw, Lin Wanwan swallowed nervously. “Lu Zhanbei, stop joking around and let me down. What if someone takes a photo of us?”

“I don’t ever joke around.”

Butler Ying, who was in a tailcoat, bowed politely. “Sir, do you need me to prepare dinner?”

Sensing Lin Wanwan’s attempts to escape, Lu Zhanbei carefully locked her thin waist in place and said, “No, there’s something else that I want to eat.”


When Lin Wanwan was thrown onto the massive bed in the bedroom, she could no longer hold her composure, and a sense of panic appeared on her face.

“You, you are serious about this?”

“I told you, I don’t ever joke around.”

Lu Zhanbei stood in front of the bed, his posture tall and straight, his face looking beautiful and elegant. His fair fingers started taking off his clothes in an orderly manner.

First the blazer, the striped vest, then the white shirt

His motion was naturally flowing, letting Lin Wanwan feel a sense of enticing beauty. She couldn’t help but gaze at his attractive collarbone.

I really wish I could touch it Why am I like this?

Only when Lu Zhanbei started loosening his belt did Lin Wanwan react. Her body jerked out of shock, and she moved back subconsciously.

All reality is a phantom, and all phantoms are real.

Amitabha, bless me!

“Why are you running away?”

Lu Zhanbei’s rough fingers held firmly onto Li Wanwan’s ankles. A single pull forced her back to where she was previously.

The man bent down, his warm breath blowing on her face.

“Do you really think you can escape?”

“Lu, Lu Zhanbei”

The faces of the two were separated by no more than five inches. Lin Wanwan could see her panicked reflection in his eyes.

“We were both putting up a false front. This is enough, right?”

She was wearing a light pink dress, two thin straps fell easily as Lu Zhanbei’s slender fingers pushed them aside.

Sky blue laces were peeking from within.

Lin Wanwan was startled. She opened her mouth, wanting to call for help.

“Shh” The man covered her lips with his fingertip, his voice was deep and enigmatic. “Don’t worry, you can scream all you want later.”

“” Did he have to be that dirty?

Lin Wanwan supported herself with both arms and moved back bit by bit.

Lu Zhanbei didn’t bother about her movements. His powerful arm struck accurately and wrapped itself around her waist.

Before Lu Zhanbei could pull her back, Lin Wanwan saw an opportunity and pulled him onto the bed. She then quickly hopped off and prepared to escape.


Suddenly, she lost balance from the strong pull on her wrist. In the blink of an eye, she fell back onto Lu Zhanbei.

Coincidentally or not, Lu Zhanbei’s face was buried right into her chests.