Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 560

Chapter 560 Isnt It Disgusting? Isnt It Laughable?

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Lu Zhengyu was furious. "Lu Zhanbei, do you really think that I couldnt kill you right now?"

"Come at me. If you dont dare to, then be my son."

"" Gu Mo listened until he was sweating all over.

Sir and Old Master were obviously father and son. However, each time they met, they end up causing the world chaos.

Now it was even worse. Casual sentences between the two could cause them to argue.

"Hehe, youre indeed my good son!"

Lu Zhanbei could hear the hidden anger in his tone. He didnt mind it and just acknowledged it out of politeness.

"Thanks for the compliment. Im hanging up."

Lu Zhengyu understood his character and knew that he meant what he said. He couldnt be bothered to get into a rage and hurriedly delved into the main topic.

"Ive prepared a blind date gathering for you in seven days. Ive invited all the rich young girls and celebrities from the Imperial Capital. They are all queuing up to have a relationship with you. Rest well these few days so that you can do it at the crucial moment."

Gu Mo, who also listened to these words, shivered. Indeed, he saw Lu Zhanbei with a look that said he could go and kill his father any time.

"Indeed, I cant. After all, Im not like you, able to get horny anytime, anywhere."


Lu Zhengyu felt that his life would be shortened by ten years if he continued to talk to this unfilial son!

"Im not going to talk nonsense to you! Even if you dont want to come, you have to. If not, Ill personally drag you here!"

Lu Zhanbei sneered. He was about to ask him to get lost. However, he suddenly changed his words. "Its ok for me to go as well. However, I have a request."

Lu Zhengyu instinctively thought that he was trying to play tricks again.

"Tell me!"

"Cancel the blind date gathering. Pick two people who you think are a good fit for me. Ill sell my body to whoever I fancy. How about that?" Lu Zhanbei had said the words pretty straightforwardly.

Lu Zhengyu was stunned. He subconsciously slapped his thigh.

It was very painful. He wasnt dreaming.

"You are serious about this?"

"Truer than pearls."

It was not only Lu Zhengyu who found this incredible, even Gu Mo was shocked.

Had Sir transitioned or did the sun rise from the west? He was actually so easy to talk to. Furthermore, he was speaking to Old Master, whom he had always wanted to kill!

Lu Zhengyu had probably been angered by him one too many times. At this point in time, he was actually overwhelmed by flattery.

Afraid that Lu Zhanbei would go back on his words, he immediately promised him, "No problem. At 8 am tomorrow, be at Xiya Tea House. I wont leave without seeing you. If you dare to stand me up, Ill break your legs!

it was rare for this unfilial son to loosen up. He had to seize the opportunity and settle this as soon as possible.

Lu Zhengyus threat was like a gust of wind. It traveled past Lu Zhanbeis ear quickly, leaving no trace behind.

"Also, break up with that Lin Wanwan soon. I dont want my son to be a two-timing a*shole."

"You dont have to worry about that."

Lu Zhanbei changed the topic and his voice was full of ridicule. "Please dont say such laughable words in front of me anymore. Youve kept a lover behind my mothers back for over ten years. Now, youre not even married to her but shes known as Madam and Missus. Isnt that disgusting? Isnt that laughable?

"Lu Zhanbei!"

Lu Zhengyus angry voice had somewhat changed.

"Had I known you would dare to disobey me so much, I wouldnt have let you live then!"

"The world is very fair. There has to be someone to collect the debts you owe. After all, a scum cant live a happy life for long."

Lu Zhanbei ended his words elegantly and deftly hung up the call.

"Gu Mo, go and"

He seemed to have thought of something and change his words again.

"Forget it, it would appear to have more sincerity if I prepared it myself."