Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 562

Chapter 562 I Want To Propose

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What irritated Lu Zhanbei even more was that this damned dog actually wanted him to help it cut the steak.

"Its this big a piece. Up to you to eat it or not!"

Tian Ba seemed to have understood. It arrogantly turned his head away and stacked its two paws together. It looked extremely noble and cold.

Lin Wanwan quietly saw from the corner of her eye that Lu Zhanbeis face was about to turn as black as a pot. She decisively stretched her hand out, "Tiantian, Ill serve you!"

Lu Zhanbei frowned and took the lead in taking the plate in front of Tian Ba away. "You eat. Ill do it."

Lin Wanwan twitched her lips and felt sweetness in her heart.

Lu Zhanbei cut the steak with elegant movements. Tian Ba took a bite, and a honey-sweet smile actually appeared on its furry dog face. It looked so happy.

"Woof, woof, woof!"

Suddenly, it jumped off the chair, as if it had gone crazy. Then, it started to run around the house.

Lin Wanwan was shocked. "Lu Zhanbei, did you put poison in the steak?"

"Not poison. I just put a little wasabi."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Tian Ba was so choked by the wasabi that it ran away crazily. It smashed into several antique vases and even knocked over the dining table.

Great. They couldnt continue this candlelight dinner anymore.

When Lu Zhanbei chased away these two giant light bulbs, it was already midnight.

The master bedroom was a mess and could no longer be slept in anyone.

Everything that was carefully prepared by Lu Zhanbei was ruined by a dog. He began to condemn the dog-owner.

"Lin Wanwan, your dog ruined my plan. How do you plan to compensate me?"

" You want to contend with a dog?"

"Im contending with you."

Lin Wanwan knew that justice was not on her side. "Tell you what, tell me your motive for doing all of this tonight. Well skip the process, and as long as I can promise you what youre after, I will."

Shed guessed that Lu Zhanbei wanted to have some meat.

She was in a good mood tonight, and she didnt mind restoring to him the ability to quench his thirst.

Lu Zhanbei stared fixedly at her and his thin lips moved. "I want to propose."

Lin Wanwan helplessly held her forehead. Was this man thinking too far ahead? They hadnt been a couple for long and now he wanted to marry her

"Here, tell me. What made you so confident that I will commit myself to your proposal?"

"Perhaps I thought that everything was dream-like?"

Indeed, dream on.

Lin Wanwan pushed open the door of the next room. As she entered the bathroom, she said, "Lets talk about the proposal in the future. I havent yet reached the legal age of marriage."

Lu Zhanbei followed in and asked, "When you reach that age, will you agree to my proposal?"

Perhaps he could find the relevant departments for a discussion and change the legal age of marriage for women to eighteen years old.

Lin Wanwan washed her face and said happily, "Dont you know how to figure this out easily? You can calculate when I would like to get married. It wouldnt be too late then to propose again."

Lu Zhanbei silently walked behind her. He grabbed her waist with one arm, and his cool lips left a tender kiss on her snow-white neck.

"Dont fool around. I still have to film tomorrow."

Speaking about tomorrow, Lu Zhanbei thought of something. His eyes flashed slightly. "Are you free in the morning tomorrow? Accompany me somewhere."

"Im ok in the morning. Coincidentally, my interviews are in the afternoon."


Before falling asleep, Lin Wanwan, who was in Lu Zhanbeis arms, mumbled in dissatisfaction, "You dont even ask leave of my bed now. How thick-skinned."

Lu Zhanbei patted her head lightly and smiled. "Go and sleep. Good night."