Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 563

Chapter 563 Bringing The Official Girlfriend To Cause A Scene

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The next morning, Lin Wanwan prepared to put on a casual outfit.

However, Lu Zhanbei said, "Wear a design by Jennifer."

Lin Wanwan frowned. "Youre bringing me to attend a banquet?"

Even if it was a banquet, there wasnt a need to wear such a high-profile outfit, right? She might overshadow the main character.

Lu Zhanbei shook his head. An extremely nice smile appeared on his face. "Its not a banquet. Im specially bringing you over to cause a scene."

Eight am sharp, at Xiya Tea House

This global chain of teahouses was one of the Lu familys businesses. As the environment was elegant and the dishes were tasty, it was very popular among many upper-class Xia people.

Lu Zhanbei drove the car into the teahouse via a VIP lane. He stopped on the ground floor in front of a row of two-storey buildings.

This was a members-only area dedicated to serving VIPs.

Lin Wanwan held up her gorgeous long skirt and carefully entered the two-storey building.

The waiters, who were standing in two rows, bowed their heads respectfully. "Hello, Young Master. Old Master is in room 206."

Lu Zhanbei acknowledged this with a sound. From the corner of his eye, he saw that Lin Wanwans face had changed slightly.


Lin Wanwan shook her head. She just didnt expect that Lu Zhanbei would actually bring her to see his father.

"If youre happy, say a couple of sentences. If not, you can just focus on watching the show."


Both of them headed upstairs. Before the door was even pushed open, a beautiful womans voice traveled out from the inside.

"Uncle Lu, I really, really like Brother Zhanbei. You have to help me!"

Lu Zhengyu laughed light-heartedly. "Yue Xin, of course I will help you. However, if that rascal likes Zhiyi more, it cant be helped."

The woman named Yue Xin paused. Then, she sneered and said, "Brother Zhanbei wouldnt like a tomboy."

Lin Wanwan, who was standing outside the door, understood everything. So, it was a gathering for a blind date.

She half-laughed and glanced at Lu Zhanbei. "Youre popular in the market."

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. "Jealous?"

Just then, Shen Zhiyis voice rang leisurely in the room. She said with a scorn, "Yue Xin, ignoring the fact that Im a tomboy, even if I really were a man, when I see your fake face, I probably wouldnt get an erection."

Yue Xin flew into a rage. "Shen Zhiyi, you"


At the same time, Lin Wanwan, who was standing outside the door, could not help but let out light laugher.

"Whos outside!?"

A series of footsteps rang. Shortly after, the door to the room was pulled open.

"Brother Zhanbei!"

As she saw Lu Zhanbeis elegant, unique, and handsome face, Yue Xins face shone.

She had an exquisite face, like a crystal doll. Her slightly curly long hair complemented her light-colored Western dress. She was sweet-looking.

"Youre finally here. I havent seen you in almost a year!"

As she said this, she wanted to hook Lu Zhanbeis arm. However, she saw Lin Wanwan hooking his arm. Her face immediately collapsed, and she questioned, "Who is this woman? What relationship do the two of you have?"

Yue Xin gritted her teeth and sized up Lin Wanwan, who was meticulously dressed. The more beautiful she found her to look, the worse her own expression became.

"Nothing to do with you." Lu Zhanbei didnt even look at her and dragged Lin Wanwan in.

"How does it have nothing to do with me? Im going to become your fiance soon!"

"If self-proclamation counts, you probably wont even get a number."

"" Yue Xin was so angered by Lu Zhanbeis sentence that she was speechless.

Lin Wanwan clucked her tongue. Lu Zhanbeis attacking skills were at its maximum today.

Shed been silently sighing when she felt a gloomy gaze sweeping over her. It was like a sharp sword that didnt conceal its coldness. The aura was so strong that Lin Wanwan, who had seen it all, could not help but jump in her heart.