Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 564

Chapter 564 The Combination Of Two Swords. Getting Away With Infuriating Someone

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Lu Zhanbei took a step forward in time and stood in front of her.

"Old man, you wont be able to afford it if my woman gets scared."

Sensing Lu Zhanbeis powerful aura, Lu Zhengyu laughed out of anger. "Great, great, great! Lu Zhanbei, youre really something."

Although he had long passed the age of ignorance, he didnt look old. What time had given him was not the desolation of a hero but a deeper sense of power.

A look alone could show that he was angry when he hadnt even flared up.

"I was just speaking of why it was that this unfilial son of mine has become so easy to talk to all of a sudden. So it turned out that you wanted to cause a scene!"

Lu Zhanbei had on a look of innocence as he said, "Youre putting a wrongful blame on me. Obviously, Im bringing my girlfriend to visit you. Wanwan, greet him."

Lin Wanwan stuck her head out and carefully looked at Lu Zhengyu.

Coincidentally, Lu Zhengyu was also looking at her.

That look was like those of an unruly wolf king who had discovered enemies. It was full of murderous intent and disgust.

Lin Wanwan found it strange.

Even if Lu Zhengyu felt that she was just a small actress in the entertainment circle and wasnt worthy of his precious son, he should only be despising and hating her.

However, his current look clearly stated he could not wait to kill her quickly.

Oh, did he think he could scare her? How wrong he was!

"Father!" Lin Wanwan shouted deftly.

Lu Zhengyus face sank. Before he could even flare up, he saw Lu Zhanbei shaking his head in disagreement. "You have called him wrongly."

Lu Zhengyus anger gradually faded. This unfilial son was still not completely foolish!

"Then what should I call him?"

"The same as me. Call him old man."

"" Lu Zhengyu had the urge to tie this unfilial son up and beat him to death.

Lin Wanwan felt that she was being put in a difficult spot.

Although Lu Zhanbeis father was full of malicious intent toward her and had given her two love rivals

After all, he was an elder and her mans father. Would it be too impolite to call him old man directly?

Lu Zhengyus cold stare seemed to say, "If you dare call me that, Ill kill you."

Reading this message, Lin Wanwans bad temper rose and she gave Lu Zhengyu a sweet smile. "Old man father."

However, Lu Zhengyus face sank instantly.

Lu Zhanbei said in a forced tone, "Ok, whatever makes you happy."

Shen Zhiyi, who had been holding her chin and watching the show, smiled playfully.

At this moment, Yue Xin, whod recovered herself, ran to stand in front of Lin Wanwan with a powerful aura.

"I know. This vixen must be the little actress that Uncle Lu was speaking about, right? Besides her face thats barely passable, what other pros does she have? Brother Zhanbei, why did you choose her and not me? How do I pale in comparison to her?!"

Lu Zhanbei said, "I like her looks."


Yue Xin was so angry that there were tears in her eyes. When she looked at Lin Wanwan, her resentful gaze turned into hatred.

Lu Zhengyu saw that she was suffering successive defeats from Lu Zhanbei, and his eyes turned colder.

"Enough. Everyone, sit over here."

Yue Xin unwillingly took a seat. Lu Zhanbei held Lin Wanwans hand and sat next to Shen Zhiyi.

"Unfilial son" Lu Zhengyu dragged this note.

Lu Zhanbei accepted this name-calling very readily. "Im here. What orders do you have for me?"

Lu Zhengyu didnt say anything. His deep gaze scanned him and Lin Wanwan back and forth. The fingers on the table tapped lightly against the surface, producing a rhythmic sound and giving off inexplicable pressure.

Seeing this action of his, Lu Zhanbei focused his gaze on him. This was the old mans signature move before entrapping someone.