Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 566

Chapter 566 The Jealousy That Was Not Easily Detectable

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"Shen Zhiyi, shut up!"

Yue Xin, who was not a good-tempered person to begin with, blew up.

"Brother Zhanbei, you really plan to give up on the phoenix and go for that chicken? A shady actress like her isnt even worthy of carrying my shoes. I"


Before she could finish saying the words, a glass of red wine was splashed over at her. Yue Xins head was drenched in the liquid, and she looked like she was in a sorry state.

"Your mouths too dirty. You should wash it." Lu Zhanbei put down the wine glass.

Yue Xin touched her face, and she let out an ear-piercing scream. "How can you do this to me!"

Lu Zhengyu looked at Yue Xin, who was in a sorry state and was trembling out of anger. Then, he glanced at the elegant and leisurely-looking Shen Zhiyi. He secretly frowned.

Comparing the both of them, he found that it was clear who stood higher.

In front of Shen Zhiyi, the spoiled little princess Yue Xin was no match.

"Ok, everyone shut up!"

Lu Zhengyu slammed the table and interrupted Yue Xins angry questioning. He held back his annoyance and said, "Lu Zhanbei, since youre not willing to choose your marriage partner between them, I wont force you. Since youre here, lets have breakfast together."

Lu Zhanbei didnt believe his words at all. This old fox definitely had other tricks.

Lu Zhengyu looked toward Lin Wanwan. "Today is the first time we meet. Ill give you a welcome gift."

Lin Wanwan was shocked. What kind of evil wind was going to blow now?

It was not only she who found it incredible, Yue Xin was a little anxious too. She was afraid Lu Zhengyu would agree to the two of them being together and was about to say something when Lu Zhengyu gave her a dignified look. She shut up and stared as he took out a flat box and pushed it before Lin Wanwan.

"Open it and take a look."

Lin Wanwan suppressed the suspicion in her heart and smiled sweetly. "Thank you."

Lu Zhengyu snorted coldly and looked toward Lu Zhanbei.

"How long has it been since youve seen your mother?"

Lu Zhanbei saw from the corner of his eye Lin Wanwan opening the box. She took out an item similar to a document from the inside, and her slightly frowning eyebrows eased a little.

"How rare. You have been divorced for almost ten years. This is the first time Ive heard you mention my mother. Did the sun rise from the west?"

Lu Zhengyu resisted the urge to strangle him. "I just wanted to ask, if your mother were to find out you are together with Lin Wanwan, what will happen?"

As he said this, he looked deeply at Lin Wanwan. His eyes were dark and difficult to read.

Lin Wanwan, who was opening the document, noticed such a stare and froze in her movements.

She was a professional actress. Even if it was a simple look or a change of expression, she could read the messages from them easily.

Now, from Lu Zhengyus eyes, she read out murderous intent, disgust, rejection, and jealousy that was not easily detectable.

Lin Wanwans heart jumped. What did she have that was worthy of Lu Zhengyu being jealous over? Could it be that he was jealous Lu Zhanbei liked her?

God, Lin Wanwan dared not continue thinking about it. She started to focus on the document Lu Zhengyu gave her.

More accurately, this was a piece of information that was related to Lu Zhanbeis past.

As she swept her eyes across it, her expression became exceptionally complicated.

This was actually

Lu Zhengyu fully caught Lin Wanwans strange look. His original bad mood eased quite a bit.

Before he could even get the chance to smile, Lu Zhanbeis next sentence immediately angered him!

"Old man, youre narrow-minded, but youre bothering yourself with quite a number of things. If youre really that free, you can prepare your own grave and coffin as soon as possible. Youll be using them soon anyway."