Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 569

Chapter 569 A Strong Argument

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Under the sunlight, it was revealed that the tears on Lin Wanwans face were not yet dry. She looked pitiful.

"Tell me. What happened? What exactly did that old man show you?"

Lin Wanwan looked up and saw his rare look of anxiousness. She smiled coldly, and her tone was full of gunpowder.

"Lu Zhanbei, stop feigning ignorance here. Since you dared to do it, why dont you dare to admit it? I have seen through you completely now. Youre a downright villain. Scum!"

Lu Zhanbei was completely confused. What had he done?

"Yes, yes, yes. Im a villain. Im a scum. Scold ahead. After you finish scolding me, lets have a good talk about it."

It was imperative to manage her emotions well first.

Lu Zhanbei had a look that said "everything you say is correct," and Lin Wanwans lips could not help but tremble.

From the corner of her eye, she saw a sneaky figure not too far away behind the flower beds. The anger on her face burned more vigorously.

"Stop pretending in front of me. I wont believe your crap anymore. Leave your sweet-talking to your old lover!"

Lu Zhanbei had a look of innocence. "Isnt my old lover you?"

Lin Wanwan secretly gritted her teeth. It seemed that she was tired of scolding him and that she was also disheartened.

"Ill say this one last time: Lu Zhanbei, we are over. If you still have a bit of conscience and backbone, dont come and find me. Lets part in peace."

The words "we are over" agitated Lu Zhanbei once again.

He looked at Lin Wanwans cold expression and felt that the volcano in his chest would erupt anytime. He subconsciously applied more force to the hand he was holding, and countless thoughts of madness flashed past his mind in an instant.

However, when he saw the pained look on Lin Wanwans face, he immediately subconsciously loosened his grip.

"Lin Wanwan, we will not be over. We will never be over!"

These words were like an oath. The image of Fu Zhinian successfully making Lin Wanwan laugh every time flashed past his mind suddenly, and he had the desire to do the same.


His handsome and exquisite face revealed fear. His beautiful pair of phoenixes blinked lightly, carrying with them cautious expectation.

"No matter what it is Im doing wrong, dont be angry at me, alright? Ill change. Dont not want me"

Lu Zhanbei vividly learned the essence of a cute little puppy. Lin Wanwan wanted to laugh but felt inexplicably sad at the same time.

Such a proud and powerful man was actually willing to put down his dignity and bottom line to win her back

It turned out that love could really make anyone fall to the bottom.

Lin Wanwan was initially faking her cries. Now, she really wanted to let her tears roll.

She strongly suppressed the guilt and self-blame in her heart and tried to use words to remind him, "Stop the pretense. If you really have me in your heart, why didnt you tell me you like Lin Xiao? Have you treated me as her substitute?"

Unprepared for this, Lu Zhanbei was stunned. "Arent you" Lin Xiao?

In a moment of panic, Lin Wanwan stepped forward and pushed him hard. Making use of the body contact, she said quickly in a voice only the two of them could hear, "Behind you!"

Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes slightly but didnt change his expression.

It was because he was too afraid of losing Lin Wanwan that he had neglected many details.

"You know." Lu Zhanbei didnt look behind him. He looked at the indignant young girl, and his tone was a little helpless.


Lin Wanwan entered show-time. Her acting skills were superb, and she fully displayed the feelings of hatred and sadness after learning of a certain truth.

"I know you have liked Lin Xiao for many years. I also know that the two of us look a little similar. I know even more that in your heart, Ive always been a pitiful substitute! Lu Zhanbei, Im telling you, Lin Wanwan is Lin Wanwan. She will never become anyones substitute!"