Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Instinct Of A Man

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Lin Wanwan was speechless. “”

Lu Zhanbei mumbled, “Are you trying to suffocate me?”

His warm breath landed on Lin Wanwan’s bare skin, giving her goosebumps all over her body. Lin Wanwan’s face was blushing like a monkey’s butt.

She tried her best to get up, but in her panicky state, she couldn’t gather any strength.

In the end, Lu Zhanbei was the one to hold her up.

“What a shame,” he said, sighing.

Lin Wanwan’s mind went blank. She asked subconsciously, “What’s a shame?”

“Shame that they are kind of small. Otherwise, I might have had a chance of being suffocated.”


Lin Wanwan wanted to burrow herself like an ostrich. She hurriedly fixed her clothes and stared at Lu Zhanbei with ferocious eyes. “If it weren’t for you, would things turn out like this? Also, my chests are small? Mr. Lu, it seems like you’ve observed quite a lot!”

Her last sentence sounded peculiar.

Looking at the girl who was flustered yet defiant, Lu Zhanbei smirked. He said to Lin Wanwan as if he was comforting a child, “Don’t worry, you have the potential to grow.”

“ How do you know?” Lin Wanwan responded after pondering.

“It’s a man’s instinct.”

“What if you are wrong?”

Lu Zhanbei looked like he was in deep thoughts. After considering for a while, he said, “I will pay for your enlargement surgery.”


What the hell! How did the topic of discussion turn to my chests all of a sudden?

Realizing that she got steered off-track by Lu Zhanbei, Lin Wanwan tapped herself on the forehead regretfully.

The man, on the other hand, looked like nothing had just happened. He buttoned his shirt up and stepped towards the bathroom, presumably taking a shower.

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes and followed quietly.

Lu Zhanbei turned back to look at her and asked with a hint of playfulness, “Do you want to join me?”

“Of course!”

Lin Wanwan walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. The pulp of her finger was flirtatiously sinking along his spine.

At last, it stopped right under his defined abs, lingering around his belt and waiting to scout what’s within.

Lu Zhanbei stared at her deep in the eyes. Lin Wanwan tip-toed, then her lips dipped lightly on his collarbone.

His bones felt like they turned mushy and all the blood in his body rushed towards one place.

“You haven’t told me yet, are you interested in me?”

Exchanging eye contact, Lin Wanwan looked exceptionally charming. Only when she was looking down did she let her tongue out and made a sickened expression.

She may not be one with many merits, but unwillingness to submit just happened to be one of them.

Lu Zhanbei took advantage of her just now, and it was checkmate. How could she possibly let that slide?

Lu Zhanbei did not miss her subtle expression. “You can see it for yourself.”

After saying this, he grabbed her hand and shifted it downwards forcefully.


Lin Wanwan screamed at the top of her lungs and drew her hand back instinctively. When she looked up, she met Lu Zhanbei’s seemingly gentle but scornful eyes.

It was as if they were asking her if that was all she’s got.

She’s biting off more than she could chew!

Defiance rose like burning flames.


Amidst the heat, Lin Wanwan grabbed Lu Zhanbei by his neck. With a slight push, she pressed her lips against his.

This man was way too arrogant!

She firmly believed in her judgment, ‘As long as I don’t submit, he will be the one to give in.’

Her thoughts empowered her.

Lu Zhanbei easily saw through her state of mind; his squinting eyes flickered wittily. Right away, he took a step forward and forced Lin Wanwan against the wall. His hands were locked onto her wrists as he deepened the kiss.