Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 570

Chapter 570 Thoroughly Sweet

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Indeed, what Lu Zhengyu showed her was information on how Lu Zhanbei had paid attention to and silently forked out for Lin Xiao back then.

For him to have used such a method to force the two of them to split up, she had to say that his idea was pretty high-end.

If Lin Wanwan wasnt Lin Xiao, based on her proud character, even if she loved Lu Zhanbei, she wouldnt have hesitated to leave him.

However, now

In terms of acting, she was a professional!

Lu Zhanbei pulled her wrist and looked a little irritated. "Listen to my explanation first."

"Let go of me!"

In the midst of the struggle, Lin Wanwan was dragged into the little bamboo forest to the right.

The black shadow hiding behind the flower beds immediately followed. It was just that he couldnt follow them too closely and the bamboo forest was dense, thus blocking his view of the two of them. He could only hear their loud arguments.

"Lu Zhanbei, do you still love that Lin Xiao in your heart?"

"Yes, but"

"No buts! I cant accept the fact that my own boyfriend has another woman in his heart, even if that woman is already dead! Lu Zhanbei, I want to break up with you!"

"Dont kick up a fuss anymore. Lin Xiaos no longer around. I will only have you by my side in the future."

"Come and find me again when you have me in your heart as well!"

Lu Zhanbei seemed to have been angered by her words. "Stop creating trouble!"

"See. You just cant forget Lin Xiao. Theres nothing much for me to say. Lets break up!"

"Ok. Youre the one who said this!"

Overhearing this, the Lu familys bodyguard felt happy. He dug out his mobile and sent a message to Lu Zhengyu.

"Everythings under Old Masters control."

"Lin Wanwan, dont regret this!"

Lu Zhanbeis harsh words were cold and ruthless. However, at a spot where the Lu familys bodyguard couldnt see, he was leaning against a thick bamboo. One hand was wrapped around Lin Wanwans body and the other was roaming around her waist, as if punishing her.

Lin Wanwans body softened at his flirtatious touches, and she rested both arms on his shoulders.

"Dont worry, even if all the men in this world are dead, I wouldnt go back to you!" she shouted hysterically. However, her fingers gently poked the mans chest, reminding him that he should leave.

Lu Zhanbei looked into that misty pair of eyes and was eager for some action in his heart. He didnt want to leave at all. As he continued to take advantage of her, he dilly-dallied, "Dont you know what is good for you? I, Lu Zhanbei, can have any type of woman. Ill give you one last chance. Do you really want to break up with me?"

Look at his cold look.

Lin Wanwan sighed silently in her heart. The world owed Lu Zhanbei an Oscars.

As the two argued more fiercely, the atmosphere in the bamboo forest became more ambiguous.

"Quickly. You should leave!"

Lu Zhanbei also knew that he couldnt delay any further. He leaned forward and kissed her lips. He lowered his voice and said, "Ill get back at you next time for scaring me just now!"

Outside the bamboo forest, the Lu familys bodyguard, who was looking on, finally saw Lu Zhanbei walking out. His face was expressionless, and his temperament was cold.

Lin Wanwan chased after him with tears in her eyes. She shouted at his back, "Lu Zhanbei, remember this. Its not you who didnt want me. Its I, Lin Wanwan, who dumped you!"

Lu Zhanbeis face turned even colder and his pace increased.

When Lin Wanwan could no longer see his back view, she wiped her face and left angrily.

The Lu familys bodyguard heaved a sigh of relief. He took the original route back to report the situation. Coincidentally, he bumped into Lu Zhengyu at the main gate.

"Old Master, its done!"

Lu Zhengyus face revealed a satisfied smile.

Lin Wanwan had already "broken up" with Lu Zhanbei. Thus, she naturally couldnt go back to stay at Yun Mansion.

She rested for a while in the condominium, changed into a set of clothes, and headed to the production set with a decadent look.

Of course, her acting had to be complete.