Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 571

Chapter 571 Yet Another Twist

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Lu Zhengyu was more than just successful. People of his kind are always suspicious and cautious, yet proud and arrogant.

Although he was confident in his plan, he would definitely send someone to ensure its running smoothly.

Let him have his time for a while The expression on his face would be priceless when the truth is told.

Lin Wanwan smirked in the middle of her shoot. "Cut!" Tan Zhiyues voice echoed in the set.

"Lin Wanwan, what is wrong with you today? We had to NG three times for such a simple scene! Did you leave your brain at home?"

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Luo Han could tell that Lin Wanwan wasnt in her best condition. She looked moody when she came to the set.

"Wanwan, did something happen?"

She shook her head, looking like a distressed girl hurt by love.

Tan Zhiyue was a tough man whos soft at heart. "Never mind, go and have some rest. Its just the best actress award, and you dont have to be mourning over it."

Based on her skills, that trophy will be hers sooner or later.

Lin Wanwan was at a loss for words.Is Director Tan stupid? Which eye of him saw me mourning over the award?

She dragged herself back to the waiting room. There was the urge to send Lu Zhanbei a text, but she was afraid that Lu Zhengyu would catch her.

Bored, she logged into Weibo to check the entertainment news. The headlines sent her brows raising.

"Lin Wanwans lost her first battle, near-miss with the trophy!"

"Congratulations to Luo Nanxi on emerging as the Bailing TV Festivals victor!"

News about the Bailing TV Festival flooded the internet this morning.

Ever since her debut, Lin Wanwan had a smooth-sailing journey, hitting enormous box-office earnings on her debut film and winning best supporting actress and best new actress awards right off the bat.

Afterward, the dramas she acted in topped the charts every time, drawing envy-filled attention from various other artists.

The Bailing TV Festival was her first defeat. This must have been good news for those in the same industry.

The anti-fans joined the commotion, and some mentioned Jin Yanran in their comments.

If she couldnt even obtain the best actress award at the Bailing TV Festival, how could she play the role of Jin Yanran? The comments were igniting the anger of Lin Xiaos fans.

Although Lin Wanwans fans put up a good fight, it was an undeniable and upsetting fact that their idol was defeated.

Lin Wanwan refreshed the comments a few times, wondering if anyone was behind this wave of hatred.

When she was about to post her opinion, a notification popped up on her screen.

She tapped it open.

The Imperial Capital TV Festival Official Weibo: "The 23rd Imperial Capital TV Festival will begin at the end of this month. The actors nominated are as follows:

"Best actor award: Shi Qian, Xi Haiyan

"Best actress award: Ma Xiaojing, Lin Wanwan

"Best director award: Jiang Zhiming’"

The Imperial Capital TV Festival had been crowned the grandest ceremony in the nation, and it weighed way more than the three other festivals.

The judges were either internationally recognized seniors or legends who had retired from the scene

The news was a shocker to the entire industry.

The judgment of the Imperial Capital TV Festival was strict to the point that just being nominated would be the ultimate approval of the actors skills.

Comments flooded the post.

"What the hell! Why is my Nanxi not nominated?"

"Haha, Im going to die laughing! Its like a slap in Luo Nanxis face!"

"Best actress, Luo Nanxi? Why is she not even nominated for the Imperial Capital TV Festival? What a joke!"