Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 572

Chapter 572 Other Intentions

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The Weibo post whooped the face of Luo Nanxi and the Bailing TV Festival.

The comments took a sharp turn. No one could mock Lin Wanwan any longer; words of praise filled her fan page.

Lin Wanwan lit a candle for Luo Nanxi in her heart.

How pitiful! The poor girl had posted a bragging Weibo comment only yesterday, and her happiness couldnt even last a single day. God knows how she felt at that moment.

Just then, someone knocked on the door.

Lin Wanwan thought that Tan Zhiyue was summoning her for the shoot, but the vice directors voice came across the room. "Wanwan, Mr. Tang is here, hes waiting for you in the garden."

The god of plague is here!

Ever since the incident on the island, Tang Chen had yet to contact her. She was relieved as she figured that he had finally given up on harassing her.

It looked as if she was too quick to judge.

Lin Wanwan wanted to avoid him, but recalling his persistent attitude, she gave in and approached him.

Tang Chen was lazing on the stairs with his legs stretched out.

He raised his brows as he heard the timid shuffle. "I thought you would come."

Lin Wanwan was sarcastic. "If I didnt show up, you wouldve invited me over anyways."

"You do know me well."

Lin Wanwan found a seat meters away, distancing herself from the man. "What do you want?"

"This is for you."

Lin Wanwan was confused at the delicate gift box in Tang Chens hands. He answered her doubts before she could ask a thing. "Congrats on your breakup."

Lin Wanwan was shocked. "How did you know about that?"

Tang Chen leaned toward her and smirked mysteriously. "Do you think I dont know even the color of your underwear?"

Lin Wanwan ignored his inappropriateness as she rejected the gift. "I dont accept gifts for no reason."

Also, not like shed really broken up with Lu Zhanbei.

Just as the thought popped up in her head, Tang Chen gave her a deep grin. "Right, its just an act anyways."

Lin Wanwan was shocked again.Holy crap! How does this guy know everything!

Tang Chen knew that he made the right guess from her expression.

When he received the news on the breakup, his first reaction was "impossible"! Yet, that strand of hope led him to Lin Wanwan, seeking an answer.

Unfortunately, he received only disappointment.

Tang Chen wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Feeling her resistance, he shushed her softly. "Quit struggling and mind your four oclock."

Lin Wanwans heart skipped a beat as she peeked toward that direction.

Her glance caught the shadow of a man hiding in the bushes with a cellphone.

If shes not wrong, Lu Zhengyu had sent the man.

Coming back to her senses, she pushed Tang Chen away. "What are you trying to achieve?"

The emptiness in his arm brought Tang Chen a hint of discontent. He winked at Lin Wanwan. "Im helping you. If you choose to be with me now, Lu Zhengyu would believe that you are over with Lu Zhanbei, right?"

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes. "You clearly have other intentions. You know that Lu Zhanbeis father will show the photos to him! What a sneaky plan to stir up our relationship."

She would never fall for a simple trick like this.

Tang Chens lips curved. "What am I going to do? Im falling deeper for you."