Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 573

Chapter 573 The Demonic Wife Protector Is Online

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"Its a pity I dont like you."

Lin Wanwan stood up, patted away the dust that she accidentally got on her body, and left.

Tang Chen looked at her back view. The curvature of his lips got deeper.

Lu Zhengyu had a secret.

And this secret was something he didnt dare and couldnt tell Lin Wanwan about.

In order to keep this a secret, he definitely wouldnt allow Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei to be together.

So what if it was a fake breakup? Sooner or later, he would make them break up for real!

At Yun Mansion, as Lu Zhanbei just sat down, his mobile phone started to ring.

He didnt have the time to answer the call as the internal telephone on the study table began ringing at the same time.

Lu Zhanbei looked at the caller ID and decisively picked up Shen Zhiyis call.

"Zhanbei, let me tell you something."


"At the banquet two weeks from now, your father will announce the news that we are about to get engaged."

Lu Zhanbeis face sank. "You promised him?"


Listening to Shen Zhiyis straightforward acknowledgment, Lu Zhanbeis eyes squinted dangerously.

The next second, Shen Zhiyi laughed and said three words.

Lu Zhanbeis handsome eyebrows straightened, and he similarly answered with three words, "Are you sure?"

"Of course."

"Ok. Then thats settled."

Lu Zhanbei hung up the call and had an unfathomable look on his face.


The internal telephone, which had stopped ringing not too long ago, rang again. Lu Zhanbei didnt pick up the call. His mobile phone sounded with a notification that there was a new message.

He opened the notification and saw a photo of Tang Chen and Lin Wanwan "hugging intimately."

Due to the angle, Tang Chen could be seen lowering his head slightly, as if kissing Lin Wanwans cheek.

Lu Zhanbeis rose-colored thin lips opened into a sarcastic smile.

In order to split them up, the old man was really going all out.

He returned to the study table and picked up the call. "Hello"

"Ive called you so many times. Have you not heard them?"

Lu Zhanbei could not be bothered to waste his breath with him. "If you continue to utter nonsense, Im going to hang up."

Lu Zhengyu was exasperated but at his wits end when it came to this unfilial son.

"Let me ask you. Were you the one behind bringing forth the Imperial Capital TV Festival ahead of time?"

"Its me."

Lu Zhanbeis indifferent attitude completely ignited Lu Zhengyus anger. "Must you fight against me? You should have seen Lin Wanwans true colors by now. Shes a woman of loose morals. After breaking up with you, she immediately got together with Tang Chen. Its not worth it to fork out for such a woman!"

Lu Zhanbei was silent for a while. Then, he said in a slightly annoyed tone, "This is my business. You cant interfere!"

Lu Zhengyu was overjoyed. He thought that this meant he was acknowledging his words.

"Forget it. It doesnt matter if a man is foolish for a while. Just dont be foolish for a lifetime. Zhiyi has already committed to the marriage between the Lu family and the Shen family. I will announce to the public that the two of you are about to get engaged in two weeks time. Just come over early on that day."

"Where is the address? The main residence?"

"No, its the ancestral home at Binjiang Avenue."

"Heh." Lu Zhanbei smiled coldly. "Its ok to have used the main residence to get your young wife settled. You dont even dare to hold a banquet there. What are you afraid of? Afraid that someone would recognize your tender-looking wife?"

"Lu Zhanbei!!!"

"Yes, Im here."

Lu Zhanbeis disrespectful attitude made Lu Zhengyu flare up. He could not wait to take a gun and kill this brat immediately.

" On the day of the banquet, dont be late."

Lu Zhanbei didnt reply and slammed the phone down.

To Lu Zhengyu, this action meant that he had silently agreed to it.