Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 574

Chapter 574 Climbing Onto The Bed In The Middle Of The Night

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This rascal had just broken up with Lin Wanwan but she immediately made a cuckold out of him. Any other man wouldnt have accepted this

Thinking about this, Lu Zhengyu laughed out loud. Such a result was the best.

With the business marriage between the two families, the Lu family would be able to take it to the next level. Lin Wanwan could also survive.

It wasnt that he didnt want to kill her. It was just that he had no other choice. He couldnt kill her.

Lu Zhanbei stood in front of the window curtains. He dug out her his phone and looked at that intimate photo. His expression was indifferent.

He and Lin Wanwan would have at least this much trust in each other.

Lin Wanwan didnt keep in contact with Lu Zhanbei for a few days consecutively.

"Brother." Fu Zhinian took the initiative and pushed open the study room door. He called Lu Zhanbei looking aggrieved.

"What happened?"

"Wanwan hasnt come to see me for almost a week."

"Dont be anxious. She will be here in a couple of days."

Fu Zhinian looked at Lu Zhanbei with wet eyes and rubbed his lips lightly. "Youre lying to me! She wouldnt be here because youre about to get engaged to Shen Zhiyi. She wouldnt be here anymore!"

Lu Zhanbei was shocked. "How did you know?"

This counter-question was equivalent to acknowledging it, and Fu Zhinians eyes turned red in an instant. "If you dont want Lin Wanwan, I I"

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. "Then you dont want me either?"

Fu Zhinians dark eyes were filled with loss and disappointment. In the end, he didnt say anything, and left with his head lowered, without another word.

Lu Zhanbei held his forehead.

This brother of his used to cling to him the most. He had only known Lin Wanwan for a short while but had a change of heart so quickly.

These few days, Lin Wanwan shuffled between the production set and school and was very busy.

It was rare for her to get off work early today. She went back to the condominium and showered. As she was too tired, she fell asleep very quickly.

She was in deep sleep when she suddenly had a feeling of being pressed down in bed by a ghost.

"Woo" She frowned and instinctively opened her eyes.

In the darkness, she could vaguely see a figure on top of her. His big palms didnt know their place and were lifting up her nightdress.

Feeling scared and angry, Lin Wanwan was about to throw her fists out when she suddenly smelled a familiar fragrance.

" Lu Zhanbei?"

"Youre awake?" The mans light laughter was low. "Good that youre awake too. I cant do it with a dead fish."

Lin Wanwan gritted her teeth.This a*shole is deserving of a beating again!

Climbing onto her bed in the middle of the night if it were someone else, she would have long been frightened to death by him.

It was not known how long Lu Zhanbei had been in her room. However, she hadnt sensed it at all. Was he too capable or was her level of alertness too low?

"Why are you here? Your father is definitely watching us in secret."

Lu Zhanbei knew she would say that and was about to say something when he heard Lin Wanwan asking, "Did you miss me?"

"No." Lu Zhanbei shook his head and said righteously, "Fu Zhinian missed you and asked me to ask about you."

He was saying one thing and meaning another again.

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes. She felt that her body was suppressed from moving and could only kick him with her heels.

"Im great. Leave quickly. Be careful. Dont get discovered."

"Whats the rush? I came all the way here for you. You have to give me something and not brush me off, right?"

Lin Wanwan stared at him for a while. In the end, she compromised and kissed his lips.

"Will this do?"

"Far from enough."

After saying this, Lu Zhanbei lowered his head. His slightly cool lips landed on her exquisite collarbone.

The wet and slippery sensation kept moving downward from the collarbone