Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 575

Chapter 575 Lets Raise The Stakes Since We Are At It

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In the meantime, the man said in a low whisper, "Finally not a double-side fried egg."

Lin Wanwan, who was originally confused, sobered up in an instant. She lifted her foot and wanted to kick this a*shole off the bed, but Lu Zhanbei caught her ankle easily.

In the dark night, his low voice became more flirtatious. "If you dont want the people keeping watch downstairs to know that we are meeting in private, you better restrain yourself."

There was indeed someone downstairs keeping watch!

Lin Wanwans heart trembled.

Lu Zhanbei didnt mind it at all. He took this opportunity to trace the curves of her calves and kept moving upward.

Lin Wanwan was about to shout when he kissed her lips.


Lin Wanwan could not break free even as she struggled. Neither could she scream out loud. She could only suffer and let Lu Zhanbei press her down and let his hands wander.

Slowly, her body softened. The temperature in the room became higher, and there were intermittent sounds of gasping.

Lin Wanwan said warningly when Lu Zhanbeis hands were about to tear off the last piece of clothing from her, "You better not cross the line!"

Even if she didnt reject the idea of doing it with Lu Zhanbei, it couldnt be at this precise moment.

There wasnt any emotional appeal, and it was nothing worth remembering.

"Little vixen, I really cant wait to bite you to death."

As he said this, Lu Zhanbei really bit her on the shoulders. Not only was it not painful, it also brought about a hint of itch instead.

Lin Wanwan listened to his hoarse voice and knew that he was having a tough time enduring. She could not help but gloat.

"Ok, you better get going."

Lu Zhanbei didnt move. "Actually, I came to see you tonight to tell you something."

"What happened?"

In the dark night, his pair of phoenixes looked dark and unpredictable. "A week from now, the old man will announce the news of my engagement to Shen Zhiyi."

Lin Wanwan was stunned for a few seconds. After she recovered herself, she stared fixedly at Lu Zhanbeis calm look.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

Seeing that she wasnt angry and instead calmed down quickly, Lu Zhanbei could not help but laugh lightly. "Of course. Lets raise the stakes since we are at it."

"But Shen Zhiyi"

Without waiting for her to finish her words, Lu Zhanbei interrupted and said, "Dont worry. You just have to watch the show quietly. Leave everything to me."


Although she didnt know the details of Lu Zhanbeis plan, she knew very clearly that he wouldnt let himself be manipulated by Lu Zhengyu.

"Then Im leaving."

Lu Zhanbei kissed her on the lips and tidied his messy clothes. He got off the bed and pushed open the windows.

"Oh, right." Before jumping down, he suddenly stopped. "Try to keep a distance from Tang Chen in the future."

Lin Wanwan blinked. "Someones jealous again?"

"Im just worried that the old man wouldnt be able to handle the excitement. Hes not young anymore. If he hears of such an affair, I cant guarantee he wouldnt do something out of envy, jealousy, or hatred."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Good job. She gave him full marks for this.

After saying his piece, Lu Zhanbei left.

Lin Wanwan got off bed with a light smile on her face. She re-locked the windows.

The night passed by quickly. The next morning, there was a series of fierce knocks on the door, and they awakened Lin Wanwan, who was in deep sleep.

She put on slippers and opened the door with eyes still heavy with sleep.


Ruan Baoer, who was outside the door, was wearing her pajamas. Her hair was messy, and it was clear with one look that she had just climbed out of bed.

Lin Wanwan laughed. "You couldnt have been chased out by Si Dada, right?"

Ruan Baoer stood akimbo and said angrily, "Lin Wanwan, what time is it already? Youre actually still in the mood to joke around!"