Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 577

Chapter 577 Lu Zhanbei Is Blessed To Marry Someone Like Me

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The night arrived as luxurious cars drove past the tightly secured guard post to the designated carpark.

"Sir, please present your invitation card."

No matter how powerful the guest was, he or she had to go through a careful security check.

"This way, please"

After a series of scanning, men and women in flashy outfits entered the house.

These people were ones standing at the peak of the nation. Politicians, business moguls, and military generals who rarely showed up in public all gathered under Lu Zhengyus invitation.

An intimidating statue stood in the middle of the spacious yard.

"Is this the phoenix statue gifted by the president?"

"Yes. Phoenix is the legendary protector of Taoism. Having this symbolizes the Lu familys position in our country."

"By the way, did Mrs. Lu no, Madam Fu attend this party? Ive heard that she had never contacted Mr. Lu since they divorced."

The crowd made their way in as they chatted among themselves.

Past the patio, they entered the main building.

The hall was decorated with dim lights and delicate ornaments, showing a hint of simplicity amidst the splendor.

Servants in uniforms buzzed around, serving sumptuous wines and desserts.

The hall was filled with people in no time.

Lu Zhengyu didnt mix around with the guests. Although the guests held high authorities in the nation, they werent quite up to his standard.

One the second floor, Shen Zhiyi sat before the make-up mirror, a dozen stylists surrounding her.

Some were brushing up her face while others were picking out her outfit.

The door was pushed open, and Mo Chen stepped in, staring at Shen Zhiyu who was lazing in the chair.

"Are you for real?" He frowned slightly.

"Yes, I am."

Sensing Mo Chens disapproval in his voice, she smirked without glancing at him. "Uncle Lu had already finalized the date of our engagement. We are just here today for the announcement. Chen Chen, the three of us grew up together, why dont you congratulate us ending up together as fate directed?"

"Are you sure that Brother Lu feels the same way as you do?" Mo Chens question was sharp.

Shen Zhiyi shrugged her shoulders. "We have all the time in the world to develop love."

Mo Chen pressed his fingers against his forehead and walked toward Shen Zhiyi. "I dont know what is going on between the two of you, but what I do know is that Lu Zhanbei loves Lin Wanwan more than you could ever imagine."

Shen Zhiyi raised her brows. "So what? Im the only one who deserves the crown anyways."

"Holy!" Mo Chen turned his hair into a mess in frustration. "Shen Zhiyi, why are you so damn stubborn?"

The latter put on a pair of ruby earrings from the stylist, looking as composed as ever.

"You know how I am. The things that Ive decided on will never change. Save your energy for something else."

"Shameless!" Mo Chen had nowhere to vent his wrath and left after leaving her with the only word he could think of.

Shen Zhiyi chuckled as she studied herself in the mirror.

Her hands traced her jawline as she murmured, "Such a beauty. Lu Zhanbei is so blessed to marry someone like me."

All the stylists in the room twitched their lips.Ms. Shen is unmistakably a proud peacock.

However, she was indeed a beauty.

When Shen Zhiyi made her appearance before the house of guests, everyone was stunned by her appeal for a split second.