Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 578

Chapter 578 Invading The Engagement 1

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She was good-looking, to begin with, and the crimson dress elevated her grace by a considerable level. She stood there like a charming fire spirit. Her beauty was aggressive and extravagant, and it ignited every mans heart. It was in mans nature to have the desire of conquering a woman like her.

"Zhiyi." Lu Zhengyu waved at her.

"Uncle Lu."

Lu Zhengyus voice was gentle. "Zhiyi, why are you still not calling me father?"

His words made the entire hall go still.

Lu Zhenyu did not mention the purpose of this party, so the crowd presumed that he was seeking some entertainment.

Now that hes said those words, they all understood his intentions.

"Mr. Lu gathered us here to announce the relationship between Lu Zhanbei and Shen Zhiyi?"

"Thats abrupt, Ive never heard anything about this."

"The two of them grew up together. It only makes sense for this pair of talents to be together."

"A marriage between the Lu and Shen families this is their world now!"

While most were still chatting over the news, some had already proceeded to send their blessings.

When someone asked about the date of engagement, Lu Zhengyu laughed out loud.

"Dont worry. The date has been decided. I wish to see everyone there for the celebration."

Applause resounded in the hall.

Among the guests stood Tang Chen with a glass of wine in his hand. His eyes flickered, and his voice pierced the chatter.

"Mr. Lu, shouldnt such great news be announced by Lu Zhanbei, the man himself? We are all here now, but theres still no sign of him showing up. Could it be that hes not coming?"

The crowd quieted down. Lu Zhengyus face sank as his furious glare landed right at Tang Chen.

Tang Chen raised his glass, looking as calm as ever.

Shen Zhiyi glanced at the man just as Tang Chen turned to look at her.

Oh! Hes got a pair of nice-looking eyes.

The thought had popped up in Shen Zhiyis head as she shifted her sight elsewhere.

Lu Zhengyu suppressed his temper and called for the butler.

"Where is Lu Zhan"

Before he could finish his question, a loud voice came from afar.

"Im already here."

Lu Zhengyu felt relieved as his eyes turned toward the voice.

After he took just one look, his grin was replaced by a brewing thunderstorm.

"Damn it!"

At the entrance, a pair of slender figures made their appearance.

Lu Zhanbei was clad in a dark-colored, dapper tuxedo, showing off his athletic build. His hair was pushed to the back, displaying his attractive facial features.

His warm and gentle smile was in sharp contrast with his freezing aura.

The second he showed up, all the females in the crowd were at a loss for words.

The girl holding onto Lu Zhanbeis arm was wearing a light blue dress. It was like a lily blossoming in the mud, presenting a refreshing scent to the room.

The pair looked like the perfect match.

Tang Chen sipped from his glass of wine as his lips formed a cunning curve.


Shen Zhiyi didnt make a scene. She stood unconcernedly as she watched the duo enter the stage.

Lu Zhengyu was barely holding himself back while the others stared in shock.

"Who is this girl? Ive never seen her before!"