Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 579

Chapter 579 Invading The Engagement 2

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"Ive heard rumors about Lu Zhanbei messing around with a tier-two celebrity. This must be the girl! Ive got to say, shes just as pretty as Shen Zhiyi."

"Lu Zhanbei is bringing this girl here on such an occasion. Isnt he declaring war against the Shen family? These big names might end up turning against each other!"

Lu Zhengyu was at his limit as he roared across the hall, "Nonsense!"

Lu Zhanbei ignored the old man completely as he strolled toward Shen Zhiyi. "I heard that you are getting engaged. Congratulations!"

The crowd was speechless.

Why did he act like he wasnt the one whom shes getting engaged to?

Shen Zhiyi replied calmly, "Zhanbei, Im getting engaged to you."

"Oh, is that so?"

The crowd had no words to describe their feelings.

Lu Zhengyu strode toward the pair and voiced in anger as his eyes scanned across Lin Wanwans face. "Lu Zhanbei, as the elder son of the family, I hope you could gauge exactly what you are doing. As long as you throw this woman out right now, I can forgive your mistake. Or else"

Lu Zhengyu didnt want to make things ugly under the eyes of many.

Lu Zhanbei showed no fear as he stared back with piercing eyes. "Or else you are going to kill me? Do you have the power to do that?"

His words were wild.

At the peak of his anger, Lu Zhengyu calmed down instead.

This was his territory, and it would be possible to kill Lu Zhanbei if he gave the order.

The crowded cleared the parameters as they felt the tension between the father and son.

Lu Zhengyu was no kind soul; everyone more or less knew about his brutality.

Lu Zhanbei, on the other hand, was no easy target either. Building an empire thats no weaker than the Lu family at such a young age, he had all the right to be fearless!


Before things got worse, Shen Zhiyi cut the silence. "Since Lu Zhanbei is here. It means that he is in agreeance with the engagement."

Lu Zhengyus brows unfolded.

Right, if Lu Zhanbei didnt want to, he wouldnt have attended.

Furthermore, Lin Wanwan and he had a tight knot between them, and it wouldnt be so easy to untangle.

"Lu Zhanbei, what are you trying to achieve!"

Before he could answer, Shen Zhiyi spoke up first with unmatched charisma.

"Uncle Lu is a man himself, and he should be understanding toward his son. We all know the hidden rules in this society. Im sure all of the successful men here have some mistresses hidden out there."

"" The faces of ninety percent of the men went black for a second.

This sharp tongue of hers was spilling anything that came to her mind!

Lin Wanwan paid her respect for Shen Zhiyi in her heart. It wasnt easy keeping ones composure under such circumstances.

Tang Chen sat on the sofa far away from the crowd as he listened attentively to Shen Zhiyi.

"As a woman who will spend her life with Lu Zhanbei, I dont mind him picking flowers outside. I am confident that no matter how attractive those flowers are, his heart will eventually belong to me, and me only."

Her words brought admiration, mostly from the men.

The upper reaches of society seemed the most glamorous, but its also the dirtiest place of all.

It was commendable that Shen Zhiyi could see past whats superficial.