Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 58

Chapter 58 I Have No Interest In Kids

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The kiss felt more like a competition than a romantic one.

It lasted for quite a while, as if the one who stopped first would be the loser.

Sadly, it was hard for a girl to beat a man who’s naturally stronger.

Soon, Lin Wanwan ran out of breath. Feeling dizzy, she collapsed into his arms. Forgetting about the competition and her initial purpose, she was all his.

Slowly, the atmosphere changed.


Lin Wanwan let out a light but vivid moan. Although seductive, it was like a bucket of ice that set Lu Zhanbei wide awake.

The frenzy in his eyes faded, and his calm expression looked stony for a moment.

What was he thinking? He had desires towards a young girl like her?

Lu Zhanbei stood up. Looking at her misty eyes, his desire was on the verge of being reignited.

“Wake up,” he gently patted Lin Wanwan on her cheeks.

“Why are you stopping”

Lin Wanwan asked subconsciously. Only when she saw Lu Zhanbei’s calm look did she become sober.

She studied his expression carefully, then stole a glance at his private area. Smirking, she said, “You lost. Your reaction betrayed you.”

“How did I lose?”

“Still trying to quibble? If you don’t want to admit defeat, we can carry on from before.”

Lin Wanwan expressed her contempt for his resistance.

Lu Zhanbei snorted, regaining his usual composure as if his strings had never been pulled.

“I have no interest in kids, especially ones who aren’t even developed.”

Lin Wanwan wanted to refute, but Lu Zhanbei smiled at her warmly, his fingers gently running through her hair.

“Don’t worry. I’ll give you another chance when you are 18.”

“”Holy crap!

Lin Wanwan’s face was turning pale from anger. Lu Zhanbei quit while he’s ahead. “The chef prepares dinner every night. Go and get some food if you are hungry.”

Hearing about food made Lin Wanwan forget about everything. “What’s there to eat?”

“Usually, there are desserts and different types of herbal porridge.”

“Yes! I’m on my way!”

Lin Wanwan flew off like a bird freed from its cage.

Lu Zhanbei grinned. Remembering the close encounter just now, his eyes surged with his thoughts.

It was his fault.

Just because Lin Wanwan spoke of his deepest secret, he tried to change her opinion out of embarrassment, in such a childish manner.

Or, he didn’t want to admit being out-guessed by a young girl.

Lu Zhanbei pinched his brows together and shut the bathroom’s door.

After a while, a soft sound of splashing water could be heard in the background.

When Lu Zhanbei came out wearing a set of gray pajamas, Lu Zhanbei was lazing in bed with a bowl of porridge beside her. She was busy scrolling through her phone while stirring the porridge mindlessly.

Hearing his footsteps, she turned to look at him. “Why are you wearing clothes?”

She was waiting all this while to see his body fresh out of the bath.

Lu Zhanbei glared at her, drawing out Lin Wanwan’s unnatural laughter. She quickly started reciting a mantra in her heart to clear her mind.

She had to clear herself of these urges, and she should never get intimate with Lu Zhanbei again for such immature reasons.

In this life, she wanted to have a serious relationship and live to old age in conjugal bliss.

Erm Let’s just see Lu Zhanbei as an uncle.

If only Lu Zhanbei was really her uncle just the thought of it made her feel protected.

“Do you want to eat something?”


Lu Zhanbei perched himself on the sofa and dried his dark hair with a towel.