Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 580

Chapter 580 Invading The Engagement 3

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Lu Zhengyus face was full of praise for her. Once again, he felt that he had chosen the right person for a daughter-in-law.

The anger in his eyes dissipated by quite a bit. He looked at Lu Zhanbei and said with sincerity and earnest wishes, "In this day and age, there are not many girls from respectable families who are as educated and as reasonable as Zhiyi. You have to learn to cherish her."

Lu Zhanbei scoffed lightly and said with sarcasm, "Indeed. After all, there are very few men who are like me, openly having two females by my side."

Lu Zhengyu understood what he meant. His eyes darkened and he was about to flare up.

Shen Zhiyi smiled lightly and behaved like the Young Mistress of the Lu family. "Zhanbei, take Wanwan in to sit. Ill greet the guests."

Lin Wanwan didnt know what Lu Zhanbei was up to tonight. She could only pretend that she was still in a cold war with him. She flung away his hand and walked away.

Lu Zhanbeis eyes flashed a hint of laughter, and he quickly followed her.

This action caused everyone to start gossiping once again.

It could be said that Lu Zhanbei was a younger-generation leader in Xia country and an ideal lover in the hearts of countless daughters from prestigious families. Even the eldest daughter from the Shen family, who was known to have the title of "the pearl of the Imperial Capital," would rather be slapped by him and still choose to stubbornly marry him. It could be seen that his charms were extraordinary.

This Lin Wanwan was a negligible character, and she actually dared to throw him such looks?

This woman was really going to go against heavens will!

Compared to everyone else who was shocked, Lu Zhengyu was in deep thoughts.

So it was that

Lin Wanwan didnt re-accept Lu Zhanbei. Instead, his disappointing son had taken the initiative to cling to her. What a useless good-for-nothing!

Lin Wanwan casually chose a corner and sat down. Lu Zhanbei followed suit and sat next to her. He didnt care about her struggles and forcefully held her by the waist.

Tang Chen, who was not far away, looked at the two people who were not interacting at all and smiled playfully.

Their acting skills were not bad.

Lin Wanwan sat there like a block of wood, and she could feel that there were quite a number of people who were faintly sizing her up, especially Lu Zhengyu.

The occasional gaze he swept over her was like a poisoned sword, causing Lin Wanwan to have goosebumps all over.

Using his body to block the crowd, Lu Zhanbei wrote three words on her palm.

"Dont be afraid."

Lin Wanwan shook her head slightly.

She wasnt scared. It was just that she didnt know what, exactly, Lu Zhanbei was going to do.

Shen Zhiyi spent nearly an hour and finally finished making small talk with all the guests.

Although she suffered from face blindness, she could accurately remember the other partys voice as long as she had met him or her before.

Compared to Shen Zhiyi, who was skillfully mingling with the crowd, Lu Zhanbei, the male lead, acted like he was a passerby.

After she finished being busy, Shen Zhiyi walked over to them.

She didnt speak to Lu Zhanbei at once. Instead, she looked at Lin Wanwan and said, "Wanwan, thank you for taking care of Zhanbei for this past year."

Was the official wife demonstrating her power over the mistress?

Lin Wanwan felt a little uncomfortable in her heart. She snorted coldly and turned her head away, expressing her disdain toward her and Lu Zhanbei.

This act of hers caused a lot of people to be dissatisfied, and they all felt that this woman didnt know what was good for her.

Shen Zhiyi didnt mind either. She portrayed the image of a generous and understanding fiance well.

"Zhanbei, I know you cant stand occasions like these. I have done what should be done. Ive also done what shouldnt be done. You should be willing to go on stage together with me now to announce our good news, right?"

Lu Zhanbei seemed to not have heard anything and didnt move at all.


A trace of anger could finally be detected in Shen Zhiyis suppressed voice.

"The guests today are from prestigious families in the Imperial Capital. My Shen family is not a small family either. Its ok if you cause me to lose face. If you cause the entire Shen family to be mocked, I will definitely not forgive you. Dont forget that you have silently agreed to todays matter too!