Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 581

Chapter 581 Invading The Engagement 4

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Lu Zhanbei frowned and looked at Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan turned her head away, her face cold.

Lu Zhengyu, who had also walked over, also shouted, "Lu Zhanbei, whatever the problem is, it can be settled in the future. The banquet today must conclude successfully!"

Lu Zhanbeis cold eyes scanned the two of them. Finally, he walked up to the stage without saying a word.

Lu Zhengyu looked as Shen Zhiyi ran over and grabbed his arm. His heart finally felt more steady.

This rascal is not completely foolish.

Lin Wanwan looked at the two people who had walked up the stage, appearing exceptionally intimate. She subconsciously bit her lip.

"Are you nervous?" She did not know since when, but she found that Tang Chen was now sitting next to her.

Seeing that she didnt reply, he half-jokingly said, "Are you worried that Lu Zhanbei will make a big move and cause the scene to become chaotic? Or are you afraid that he isnt acting with you but really planning to dump you and get together with that woman?"

Lin Wanwan turned her head fiercely and stared at him angrily.

Tang Chens eyes were covered by a layer of gentleness. "Its ok. If he doesnt want you, I do."

"I dont care!" Lin Wanwan continued to stare ahead.

Lu Zhanbei stood on the stage for a very long time. Even if the guests were already in heated discussions and Lu Zhengyu had thrown him a few threatening looks, he remained silent.

In the end, Shen Zhiyi was forced to take the initiative and say, "I would like to announce something about the occasion today. Uncle Lu has chosen the ninth of next month for me and Zhanbei to be engaged."

As she said this, she was suddenly interrupted by Lu Zhanbei.

"Its a pity"

The hands by Lin Wanwans sides were tightly clenched into fists.

Is it coming? What exactly does Lu Zhanbei want to do?

Tang Chen watched this scene with gusto and started to do a countdown.

"3, 2"


As the number "1" fell, Lu Zhanbei didnt say anything else. Instead, Shen Zhiyi suddenly laughed.

This smile was so beautiful that it stole hearts away.

The next second, her clear voice resounded through the audience. "Its a pity I wont be getting engaged with Lu Zhanbei."


These words were like an explosion as everyone was stunned.

Lin Wanwan was confused. What damned situation was this?

Wasnt Lu Zhanbei the main character for todays banquet?

Wasnt he also the one who was planning to make some big moves?

Also, didnt Shen Zhiyi like Lu Zhanbei too?

Even Tang Chen was stunned for a few seconds at Shen Zhiyis stroke of genius.

After ten seconds of dead silence, Lu Zhengyus face turned green and he shouted, "What the hell are the two of you up to!"

Shen Zhiyi ignored him. With disregard to the public, she yawned lazily. Even her expression changed from dignified and graceful to comedic exaggeration.

"Zhanbei, it looks like Im really not suitable to be an actress. Its so tiring to play this scene. Quickly bring my baby Wanwan up. After the matters settled, well head back together."

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips lightly. He got off the stage, walked toward Lin Wanwan, and stretched out his hand. "Come with me."

As Lin Wanwan stretched out her hand ignorantly, a few applauses could be heard.

As Tang Chen clapped, he praised him, "Mr. Lu, Sheng Rui Corporation just opened a film and TV branch company. Are you interested in coming over and becoming an actor? With your acting skills, you will rush out of Asia sooner or later and walk toward the world."

Lin Wanwan didnt understand until now. Tang Chen, on the other hand, had understood everything in an instant.

Everything that happened today was Lu Zhanbeis and Shen Zhiyis arrangement.