Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 582

Chapter 582 I Dont Mind Fu As My Surname

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Or was Lu Zhanbei just cooperating with Shen Zhiyis plan?

Interesting, this trip was certainly worthwhile.

Lu Zhanbei raised his brows. "Thank you, I will consider it."

He grabbed Lin Wanwans hand and returned to the stage.

Shen Zhiyi shuffled to the side, not forgetting to throw Lin Wanwan a flirtatious wink.

"Good evening, everyone."

Lu Zhanbei was not bothered by Lu Zhengyus ink-dark expression as he spoke.

His sight swept the floor like a general reviewing his army, and his born charisma put immense pressure on the guests.

"I am thankful for the event that my father has organized for me. However, the person I will be engaged to will not be Shen Zhiyi, but"

He turned to the girl who was still in confusion.

"Her, Lin Wanwan."


Everyone gasped as if their senses had collapsed.

It was confusing enough for Lu Zhanbei to bring a second-tier celebrity to such an event, but the guests just assumed that she had the man under her spell.

Now, he was announcing engagement between them? What the hell!

Lu Zhengyu uttered, "I object!"

His sharp voice brought shivers to the guests spines.

Lu Zhanbei did not back down. "Im the one marrying her, not you. So what if you object?"

Lu Zhengyu had never been so enraged in his life. Hes worked his way up to such a high status but never had he faced such humiliation.

If it were on any other matter, he wouldnt mind giving in.

But this time, no way!

"I will never permit this woman into the Lu family! If you still persist, then be ready for my wrath!"

His killing intent was oozing out.

"That would be great!" Shen Zhiyi yelled all of a sudden. "If Uncle Lu doesnt want to have Lin Wanwan as his daughter-in-law, Ill take her instead!"

Her words turned the atmosphere around, and the once-tense hall was filled with suppressed giggles.

Did Ms. Shen forget that shes a girl too?

"Keep your mouth shut."

Lu Zhanbei glared at the "third party" who was always trying to butt in.

"Old man, if you really cant accept her into the Lu family, I have another way."

The guests exchanged glances.Is he backing down?

Lu Zhengyu, knowing his sons temperament, was not relieved by any means. Alarms were ringing in his mind as a bad feeling brewed inside him.

As he expected

Lu Zhanbei continued, "I dont mind Fu as my surname."

Lu Zhengyus expression went cloudy in a split second.

So did everyone elses.

It was clear what Lu Zhanbei meant: he would give up his relationship with the Lu family just to marry Lin Wanwan.

Turning against his own father, giving up the position of a successor, why would he do all these for an actress?

Hes gone crazy!

"Fu Zhanbei" Shen Zhiyi ran the name through her head a few times. "Sounds nice."

Lin Wanwan wiped her cold sweat off of her forehead. She felt like Shen Zhiyi was the female version of Tang Chen, someone whose only fear was peace.

Lu Zhengyu pondered for a while and scoffed. "You have fallen so deep for a mere actress, but what about her? Is she willing to marry you?"

A cheeky smirk appeared under Lu Zhanbeis uncompromising composure.