Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 583

Chapter 583 Just For Fun

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"Lin Wanwan, will you marry me?"

Everyones eyes focused on Lin Wanwan; no one had doubts about what her choice will be.

Why would she give up such a perfect chance to step up to the upper reaches of life?

Lin Wanwans eyes flickered with emotions. After a while, she shook off Lu Zhanbeis hands and looked away.

The crowd was dumbfounded

Did she just reject him?

God! Did she not know who Lu Zhanbei was!?

The heir of the most influential family in the nation, the wealthiest man you could ever find, the perfect man who had it all!

Is this woman nuts?!

Lu Zhengyu was the only one who saw it coming. He glanced at Lu Zhanbei, who looked relaxed despite the rejection, and cheered in his mind!

Finally, I got back at him after all these years!

Lu Zhengyu cleared his throat as he prepared to end the show.

The next second, Lin Wanwan spun back and hopped into Lu Zhanbeis arms like a fish back to the water.

"Who else would I say yes to? No one would dare marry me but Lu Zhanbei!"


The unforeseen twist had the guests stunned for a while.

They were yet to recover from the shock of her rejection, and Lin Wanwan had hit them with another critical strike.

Lu Zhengyu was the most confused of them all as he stood still in disbelief.

Lu Zhanbei was living in his own world, and Lin Wanwan was the only one in his eyes. He pinched the girls nose gently. "Naughty girl."

Just two words, but everyone could tell from them his love for her.

Lin Wanwan chuckled softly. Satisfaction grew as she watched Lu Zhengyus expression change.

All the acting and abstaining had been building up to this moment. So dont blame her for putting on a scene at the very end.

Lu Zhengyus reaction didnt disappoint her.

Shen Zhiyi sputtered amongst the crowd, "No one would dare marry Lin Wanwan but Lu Zhanbei? I would!"

"Me too, it would be my honor," said a laid-back voice that lingered over the room.

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Crap! Why is the god of plague everywhere! Is he trying to make things worse than it is?

Shen Zhiyi recognized Tang Chens phoenix eyes from the crowd. "The guy with the phoenix eyes, are you trying to be my love rival?"

Tang Chen felt Lu Zhengyus anger brewing and chose to not reply to Shen Zhiyis nonsensical question.

"Lu Zhanbei!" Lu Zhengyus furious roar rocked the room. "What is this? Didnt Lin Wanwan and you"

His voice came to a sudden halt as a theory rose in his head.

Lin Wanwans words confirmed his thoughts.

"Dear Father, Lu Zhanbei had long confessed to me about the documents that you showed me. However, I saw the hope in your eyes and didnt want to disappoint you as your future daughter. Therefore, Lu Zhanbei and I had put on a show, and the only reason for this was"

Lu Zhanbei completed her line: "It was just for fun."

At that instant, Lu Zhengyu lost it!

"Great! Great! Great!"

His expression would bring nightmares to a newborn, and his bitter voice echoed across the hall.

"The two of you did such a great job! Ive been an eagle for my whole life, and I cant believe that a pair of chicks have pecked my eyes today!"