Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 584

Chapter 584 I Want Her

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To think he thought his plan had succeeded and that these two people were like two puppets who were free for him to manipulate

In the end, he became an ignorant clown!

Although everyone else didnt understand what was going on, they simultaneously retreated.

The Lu Zhengyu right now was like a beast king who was completely infuriated. He would stretch out his sharp claws anytime and kill everyone!

Lu Zhanbei was still looking calm and elegant. He could even give a slight smile under Lu Zhengyus suppressing gaze.

"Father has praised us."

Lu Zhengyus gloomy gaze swept past him and finally landed on Lin Wanwans face.

He didnt want to kill her unless he had no other choice.

However, now

He couldnt tolerate it any longer!

Just when Lu Zhengyu was about to give his orders, Tang Chen stepped forward. He seemed not to fear the older mans imposing manner as he said lazily, "Old Lu, if you want to split Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan up, Im in full support of that. Im even willing to tell you to go for it. If you want to make a move, I would also support you for placing righteousness above family loyalty. However, you cant touch Lin Wanwan!"

After saying these words, Tang Chen recalled that he had told Lin Wanwan before that he would definitely not help her when it came to Lu family matters.

Oh, he seemed to have gone back on his words.

Feeling his overbearing power, Lu Zhengyu laughed coldly. "Tang Chen, when I was out fighting the world, you werent even born yet. What qualifications do you have to speak to me in such a manner?"

Tang Chen was not annoyed either. "Does Old Lu want to have a match right now? If we dont show some seriousness, you would never admit that you are old and that you already have one foot in the coffin."

In the entire Imperial Capital, besides Lu Zhanbei, Tang Chen was definitely the first whod dared to argue with Lu Zhengyu.

What charms did Lin Wanwan possess that even Tang Chen was willing to help her out?

It simply aroused curiosity.

Although Tang Chens words were deeply rooted in Lu Zhanbeis heart, he didnt want to buy them. "Busybody."

"Im not trying to take care of you. Dont read too much into it." Tang Chen was not to be outdone.

"Reading too much into it? This seems to fit you more."

"Dont be so happy. The one whos laughing until the end is the real winner."

The verbal battle between the two mysteriously eased the tension in the room.

Veins were bursting on Lu Zhengyus forehead. Lin Wanwan was starting to feel pity for him.

A hero of a generation, besieged by these two childish brats, now didnt even know how to flare up.


She coughed lightly, and Lu Zhanbei and Tang Chen, who were originally bickering, shut up at the same time.

This movement caused feelings of incredulity in everyone. They looked at Lin Wanwan as if she were a fox wrecking the country and bringing ruin to the people.

Lu Zhanbei held her hand and got off the stage. They stood in front of Lu Zhengyu. Lu Zhanbei said plainly, "Ive said what I had to say. Regardless of whether you accept Lin Wanwan or not, I want her."

Lu Zhengyu looked at their back views. It was difficult to determine his facial expression.

"Stay there!" He smiled coldly and gave a low roar. "Without my permission, do you think you can walk away?"

This sentence seemed to signal the start of a war, and everyone in the house changed their expressions drastically.

The next moment, they heard heavy footsteps from outside the villa.

Although Lu Zhengyu didnt guess that the two of them had merely pretended to break up, in order to prevent Lu Zhanbei from going back on his word, he had long ago made arrangements.

This was his turf. Even if Lu Zhanbei was more capable, there was no difference now as he was as good as stuck in a cage.


What Lu Zhengyu didnt expect was that not only did Lu Zhanbei show no change in his expression, he also even laughed out loud from being in a good mood.