Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 585

Chapter 585 Ruan Qinghe Ruan Baoer

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He took the original route back and raised his eyebrow slightly.

"Since I dare come here, I have the ability to leave whenever I want to. Old man, dont ever belittle your enemy, even if the other party is your son."

Lu Zhanbei didnt give him a chance to speak. He lowered his voice and said in a volume only the two of them could hear, "Think carefully. If that person gets word of you killing Lin Wanwan, I cant guarantee then that it will be"

Lu Zhengyus pupils shrank fiercely!

The murderous intent became a deflated balloon and dissipated by more than half.

Lu Zhanbeis words directly hit his innermost fear spot.

However, where would his face lie if he just stopped at this?

Lin Wanwan saw Lu Zhengyus changing expressions and was curious what exactly Lu Zhanbei had said to him.

"Uncle." Shen Zhiyi walked over and gave him the opportunity to step down from the stage. "If I really want to get engaged with Zhanbei, my parents would have been here at the banquet today. Although we have grown up together since we were young, we really dont feel sparks for each other. Please dont try to match us again in the future. Also, I have to apologize for what happened today."

As her words fell, a young male voice could be heard immediately after.

"Old Lu, the present cannot be compared to the past. The concept of family status is long outdated. Actually, Ms. Lin is not bad. At the very least, I quite like her."

Everyone was shocked and turned their heads over.

The young man who spoke had an extremely handsome face. He had slightly raised eyebrows and a high nose bridge. His facial features were deep. He had the looks of both a Westerner and an Oriental, and his demeanor was awe-inspiring.

"Its actually Ruan Qinghe!"

The Ruan family owned the largest security company in Asia and had countless men. It was rumored that they were involved with the triads. However, many state leaders still had a deep relationship with the Ruan family.

The whereabouts of Ruan Qinghe, the heir of the Ruan family, were mysterious. Today, they finally saw his true face!

"What did he say just now? He likes Lin Wanwan too?"

Was this girl planning to win the hearts of all the outstanding men in this world?

Amidst the whisperings, Shen Zhiyi cursed lowly, "Another love rival!"

Lin Wanwan was in deep thoughts.

Ruan Qinghe Ruan Ruan Baoer

Could this person be Baoers brother?

Perhaps Baoer was afraid that she would lose out and especially sent her brother to give her support.

However, Baoers identity was indeed too extraordinary.

Lu Zhengyu had already dispelled the thought of killing Lin Wanwan with Lu Zhanbeis words. Coupled with Shen Zhiyis and Ruan Qinghes words, as well as with Tang Chens hostile look, he knew that he would definitely not be able to touch Lin Wanwan anymore.

He strongly suppressed the grievances in his heart and said coldly to Lu Zhanbei, "Unfilial son, before you get lost, I want to tell you that as long as Im alive, Ill"

"Ill get lost."

Lu Zhanbei could not be bothered to listen to his nonsense. He held Lin Wanwans hand and walked away deftly.

This movement agitated Lu Zhengyu, making him furious. He secretly squeezed his palms into fists.

Shen Zhiyi followed after them as well. After taking a few steps, she stopped in her tracks and looked around her. She was like a queen who cannot be offended, and she announced domineeringly, "Everyone, dont take my previous words seriously. I, Shen Zhiyi, can make others a cuckold, but if someone dares to make a cuckold out of me although I cant capture his heart, I dont mind crippling his arms and legs. After getting hold of him as a person, Ill then get hold of his heart! I think this ideas not bad. If youre free, you can give it a try."