Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 586

Chapter 586 Love Rivals Gathering

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The men present sensed glares of suspicion from their wives and felt a shiver down their spine.

That damned Shen Zhiyi!

Tang Chen walked toward the exit with his hands in his pockets.

The rest of the guests wouldnt dare leave without a word. However, no one had the guts to start a conversation with Lu Zhengyu at the moment given how mad he was.

"Is Lin Wanwan really a mere actress? How did she manage to put Lu Zhanbei, Tang Chen, and even the Ruan family under her spell?"

"Hmph. Shes sure great at seducing men for her age!"

While the men were amazed at how Lin Wanwan had achieved such success, the women were spilling over with their jealousy.

Anyhow, Lin Wanwans made a name for herself in the whole Imperial Capital within a night.

Out of the hall, Lin Wanwan was blinded by the battle array before her.

In the spacious patio, countless armed guards stood in formation, ready for battle.

As long as Lu Zhengyu did not lift the order, no one could escape the place.

Close call

Lin Wanwan realized that she was taking a stroll before hells gate.

The pair entered the car, and before Lu Zhanbei could close the door, Shen Zhiyi hopped on.

"Hey, give me a ride."

Lu Zhanbeis face dimmed, and another voice came before he could chase Shen Zhiyi out.

"Me too."

Shen Zhiyi rejected Tang Chen on Lu Zhanbeis behalf. "No way, first come, first served. If you are after Lin Wanwan, you have to queue up. I fell in love with her at first sight!"

Tang Chen was shameless. "What a coincidence, I fell in love at first sight too."

" When did you get to know her?"

"A year before you did."

Shen Zhiyi pondered for a second and took her hands off the door. "Get in, then."

Tang Chen got in. "Thanks."

Lu Zhanbei couldnt take it anymore. His cold gaze scanned the pair that appeared out of nowhere.

"Are you guys ignoring my presence?"

Shen Zhiyi tapped his shoulder. "Dont be so selfish. We should have a fair competition, right?"

Tang Chen agreed. "Lu Zhanbei, are you more narrow-minded than a woman?"

For the first time, Lu Zhanbei had no rebuttal.

The vibe in the car was chilly, so Lin Wanwan hurried to the rescue. "Its getting late, lets get back soon."

The shocks came one after another, and she felt like she would get a heart attack without the comfort of home.

When the door was finally about to be shut, Ruan Qinghe said with a smile, "Is there a place for me?"


There is no end to this!

Sensing the unfriendly glares, Ruan Qinghe beamed.

He was an introvert, and it felt like he was distant although he was smiling.

"Just kidding." He turned to Lin Wanwan. "Ms. Lin, thank you for taking care of my sister."

Lin Wanwan raised her brows; she knew he would say that.

"No problem. I should thank you for standing up for me as well."

"Just returning the favor."

"Then, Mr. Ruan, we will take our leave."


The engine started, and the group made their exit.

Shen Zhiyi took the seat next to Lin Wanwan before Tang Chen could. "Lin Wanwan, you are such a popular girl. As your boyfriend cum girlfriend, I feel so stressed."