Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 587

Chapter 587 One Speaks More To Cover The Truth

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Lin Wanwan looked at her near-perfect features. "Zhiyi, Ive always thought of you as my rival in love."

Shen Zhiyi gave her a broad smile. "Only the normies stick to men. Im no ordinary woman, and Im going both ways!"

Tang Chen sighed as he cut into the conversation with a sincere tone, "Ms. Shen, I recognize Lu Zhanbei as an excellent partner. You would be pleased to spend the rest of your life with him."

Lin Wanwan turned to Tang Chen as if she saw ghosts.

Did hell freeze over? She had never seen Tang Chen compliment Lu Zhanbei in a genuine way.

Lu Zhanbei snorted. "You are trying to push Shen Zhiyi to me so that you can steal Lin Wanwan."

"Lu Zhanbei, how do you know me so well? Do you have a crush on me?"

"Go get yourself checked."

Lin Wanwan stopped the duo from their quarrel. "Zhiyi, did you arrange everything that happened today?"

"Yep! Isnt it fun?"

When Lu Zhanbei asked her about Lu Zhengyus proposal, she replied with two simple words.

Trust me.

On the other hand, she had faith in Lu Zhanbei to do the right things as well.

"Zhanbei, Ive been wondering about the reason for Lu Zhengyus hatred toward Lin Wanwan. Is it simply for the honor of the family, or did Lin Wanwan do something that offended him in the past?"

Lin Wanwan had thought about this as well. However, if not for Lu Zhanbei, she and Lu Zhengyu would have been total strangers to this day.

Tang Chens eyes flickered, and he grinned unnoticeably.

"No." Lu Zhanbei shook his head. "That old man has a sickening desire for authority. Fu Zhinian ended up the way he is thanks to him as well. I didnt follow his will in this matter, and that must have led to his rage toward Wanwan."


Lin Wanwan didnt know Lu Zhengyus personality, so she nodded half-heartedly. It was unfortunate to have an extremist as a father-in-law.

Shen Zhiyi remained silent, but Tang Chen smirked in the back seat. "One speaks more to cover the truth."

Lu Zhanbei frowned momentarily. "Dont beat around the bush."

Tang Chen shrugged his shoulders. "Never mind, Ill zip my lips."

Halfway through the journey, Tang Chen got off the car.

Lin Wanwan called, "Tang Chen, thank you."

Tang Chen looked back into the car. His usual laziness was replaced with a hint of seriousness under the faint moonlight.

Beats later, he gave her a despicably charming smile.

"Just this time." Hes not going to step into the Lu familys business again.

"Anyhow, I appreciate your help. If theres anything you need me for, Ill be glad to return the favor!"

Lin Wanwan had to admit that the "god of plague" treated her well.

But she didnt want to owe him anything.

Tang Chens grin had a taste of bitterness.


Lu Zhanbei slammed the door shut, cutting the conversation between the pair. Shen Zhiyi rolled her eyes at him.

"Zhanbei, your jealousys spilling."

Lu Zhanbei drove off without replying to her mockery.

At the entrance of Shen Zhiyis place, Lu Zhanbei ordered her dismissal, "Get off."

Shen Zhiyi rolled her eyes to the back of her head.

As she got off the car, she gave Lin Wanwan a quick squeeze on the cheeks. "Wanwan, sorry for making a scene today. Ill buy you a meal to show my apology. Bye-bye for now!"