Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 588

Chapter 588 He Must Take Back The Benefits That Belonged To Him

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When the last word fell, she had already disappeared from sight.

Lu Zhanbeis handsome face was still cold. It didnt soften even after theyd returned to Yun Mansion.

Lin Wanwan thought that it was funny and could not help but poke him. "Are you still angry?"

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her and headed in on his own.

Heh, he had quite a big temper.

Lin Wanwan happily followed in. When she saw Uncle Ying, she asked, "Why isnt Xiao Niannian here? Is he asleep?"

Uncle Ying shook his head. "Second Master left yesterday. I dont know where he went to as well."


Lin Wanwan nearly jumped up. Thankfully, Lu Zhanbei explained in time. "He went back to school out of spite."

"Thats good." Lin Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief and headed upstairs. "I should shower and sleep too."

Lin Wanwan carried her pajamas into the bathroom. Seeing Lu Zhanbei blocking the door and refusing to leave, she could not help but pinch her eyebrows.

"Tell me. What do you want?"

Lu Zhanbei looked at her faintly. "Did you forget something?"


"You previously agreed to my proposal. What kind of wedding would you like?"

Lin Wanwans lips twitched. "You took that for real?"

Lu Zhanbei instantly gritted his teeth. "Dont tell me you said all those words casually!"

He looked as if he would strangle her to death if she dared to nod her head. Lin Wanwan was sensible and didnt pluck any hair from the tigers head.

"Of course not."

It was the truth that she wanted to marry him.

"Now is not yet the time. Lets talk about this next time."

"Do we take it that youre reneging on your promise?"

Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrow. She walked over and grabbed his neck tightly. She lifted her head and gave him a fiery kiss.

When Lu Zhanbeis breathing became unstable and he very nearly wanted to do it with her on the floor, she smiled and left his embrace.

"Dont kick up a fuss anymore. Tell you what, Ill restore to you the ability to quench your thirst as compensation. How about that?"

Shed spoken in a coaxing tone.

You had to give some benefits to men from time to time. If not, he might find other women.

"Ok." Lu Zhanbei changed his usual way of not letting one off easily and agreed readily.

Lin Wanwan was stunned. Wow. Had she fallen into a drain?

Lu Zhanbei swept past her wide-eyed look and calmly left the bathroom.

Of course, he wasnt expecting that Lin Wanwan would get married to him right now. However, he must take back the benefits that belonged to him.

On this night, spring was endless.

The next day, Lin Wanwan returned to school. After having lessons, she went to the production studio to film.

Ruan Baoer came over to visit her when filming was halfway through.

During the break, Lin Wanwan chatted with her casually as she drank water. "I saw your brother yesterday night, Ruan Qinghe."

Ruan Baoer blinked at her. "I sent him over to help you. How do you find him?"

"A dragon amongst men."

"Heh heh." Ruan Baoer was a little overjoyed. She poked Lin Wanwans waist and said, "Do you want to consider being my sister-in-law? My father dotes on me a lot. As long as I nod my head, he would definitely agree to the marriage between the two of you."

"Cough, cough, cough!" Lin Wanwan nearly choked to death. "Little sister, I already have a boyfriend."

"But look at Lu Zhanbeis father. With him around, itll be very hard for the two of you to bear fruits."

"Whats there to be afraid of? Xuanzang had overcome eighty-one obstacles. Theres no reason why I cant overcome one stone that blocks my path."

Ruan Baoer couldnt outdo her.

Lin Wanwan thought of something. "Oh right, can you now tell me why it is that you have left home when you have such a good family background?"