Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 589

Chapter 589 We Know Each Other?

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Ruan Baoer puffed her cheeks like a cute frog. "I escaped from marriage. My father insisted that I get married at the age of eighteen and that I bear grandchildren for him at the age of nineteen!"

"" This plot was too ridiculous. Even a television drama wouldnt dare film such a plot.

After sending Ruan Baoer off, Lin Wanwan continued filming.

Days went by. Lu Zhengyu didnt come looking for trouble, as if he was already silently agreeing to Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei dating.

However, both of them knew clearly in their hearts that he wouldnt let this pass just like that.

In the blink of an eye, it was the end of the month. This also meant that the Imperial Capital TV Festival was about to start.

In the morning, Lin Wanwan was selecting a gown in advance. However, she received a call from the cheap father whom she had not been in contact with for a long time.

Lin Qinghao said, "Wanwan, your younger sister will be returning to the country in three days."

Younger sister?

Lin Wanwan was stunned for a while. Then, she recalled this Third Miss from the Lin family, who shared the same mother as Lin Siqing.

This Lin Wanxin was one year younger than Lin Wanwan and Lin Siqing. However, she was very smart. It wasnt too much to use the word genius to describe her.

She graduated from high school at the age of fourteen and was recommended by the Imperial Capital High School to study abroad.

She was seventeen this year. She must have finished studying at the university and was planning to return to the country.

Lin Wanxin could be said to be in a league of her own in all aspects of her life.

"Regardless of how busy you are, you must come home that day. Its rare for the whole family to be reunited. You cant be absent."

Lin Wanwan considered it for a while. For the sake of Grandpa, she chose to promise him shell come.

Lin Qinghao initially wanted to chat with her a while longer. Lin Wanwan was impatient and didnt want to have any dealings with him. Thus, she hung up the call deftly.

She continued to select her gown. She chose a simple, unassuming, and elegant long, blue dress.

Although Si Han didnt plan to walk with her on the red carpet this time around, he got himself an invitation to accompany her to observe the ceremony.

Compared to Bailing, the opening of the Imperial Capital TV Festival was on a completely different level.

Regardless of whether it was the venue, the layout of the surroundings, or the lineup of the hosts Bailing could address it as its father.

When Lin Wanwan held onto Director Jiang Zhimings arm and appeared on the red carpet, they received thunderous applause.

The crazy cheers were also mixed with sighs of "Why isnt Si Han here?"

Lin Wanwan walked the red carpet much earlier this time around. When she reached the hall, she found that there were only a few people inside.

Si Han had waited for a long time. When he saw her, he escorted her to the bathroom to do some makeup touches.

"Im done. Lets"

Lin Wanwan had not yet finished her words when she heard footsteps in high heels clicking against the ground.

She instinctively tilted her head and saw Luo Nanxi in a gold sequin dress walking over. She was staring fixedly at Si Han, and her smile was cool.

"Si Han, long time no see," she said in a tone full of gunpowder.

Si Han glanced at her casually. "We know each other?"

Instantly, Luo Nanxis expression turned ferocious. "You actually dare to forget me!

"Who said that I must remember you?"

Lin Wanwan looked at Luo Nanxi, whose face was gradually turning green. She silently gave Si Han a thumbs up.

"Lets go." Si Han stepped forward. Lin Wanwan hurriedly followed.

Just when the two of them were about to walk past Luo Nanxi, she said in a sharp voice with a sarcastic smile, "I thought you would have more backbone and be more sharp-eyed. You laid low for three years only to make an appearance again for such a person. You didnt even hesitate to break the vow you made initially. How laughable!"

Si Han stopped in his tracks.