Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Wanwan's First Fan

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“What the hell!” Lin Wanwan yelled as she propped herself up, almost flipping the bowl. “This can’t be real!”

Lu Zhanbei glanced over. “What is it this time?”

Lin Wanwan was looking like a distressed widow. “I opened a fan page two days ago thinking that I would have some followers after the opening ceremony of the movie. I wouldn’t even mind some anti-fans, but now, my number of followers is still zero Have you see an actress more pathetic than me?”

Lu Zhanbei glanced at the girl who was grabbing her hair in anger and, smirking, said, “First time I’m seeing one, the one and only.”

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

When she was still Lin Xiao, her number of followers could rank in the top three in the entire country. Even a simple punctuation out of boredom would bring millions of shares.

Looking at her phone now, she felt so pitiful that she wanted to cry out loud.

“Lu Zhanbei, leave me alone. I need peace right now, and I’ll leave tomorrow. Don’t you ask me who Peace is!”

Sorrow took over her, and she ordered the master of the house to leave.

Seeing her lying in bed like she’d lost her motivation to live, Lu Zhanbei shook his head helplessly.

“Fine. Rest well.”

Lin Wanwan waved at him half-heartedly.

Lu Zhanbei shut the door and went to the master bedroom just next door.

Lying in bed, he recalled Lin Wanwan’s anguished expression. He took out his phone and searched for Lin Wanwan’s name.

Number of followers: 0

Number of fans: 0

Posts: 6, yet not a single person had liked her posts or commented on them.

Pathetic indeed.

Lu Zhanbei’s finger hovered over the follow button. When he tapped on it, the system reminded him that he had to register an account.

As someone who hated complicated tasks, he immediately threw his phone aside. However, Lin Wanwan’s distressed face kept re-emerging in his mind.

Shortly, he picked his phone up again and started the registration process step by step.

When asked his username, he subconsciously entered Lu Zhanbei. Considering again, he deleted it right away.

If he used his actual name, the whole system might overload the next day.

Just “Lin Wanwan’s fan”?

Pass, too deliberate.


The username was taken.

Lu Zhanbei stared blankly at the empty column as if it was a million-dollar contract.

Actually, that was a bad comparison. He’d never even worry that much for work.

Finally, he decided.


With the notification of successful registration, Lu Zhanbei’s knotted brows finally eased. He followed Lin Wanwan and liked a few of her posts.

Doing these took him close to an hour.

He did all these things just to make Lin Wanwan feel better.

Lu Zhanbei let out a self-mocking smile and placed his phone below the pillow.

Lights off, it’s time to sleep.

The next morning, Lin Wanwan couldn’t hold in her excitement when she saw Lu Zhanbei on the first floor. “Hey, someone followed me!”


Looking at her dancing around as if she won the lottery, Lu Zhanbei didn’t express any emotion.

His cold response did not kill Lin Wanwan’s enthusiasm. With her fingers crossed, she looked up to the sky.

“This cute fan must not have known how he saved me from humiliation. I want to meet him, give him a warm hug, and let him know that he has great taste.”

Being her fan means having great taste?

Thanks to her bright smile, Lu Zhanbei’s heavy-heartedness from yesterday somehow faded away.