Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 591

Chapter 591 The Best Actress Award

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"" Heh heh, all Lin Wanwan wanted now was to spray his face.

She bit her lips and dug out her mobile.

"Who are you calling?"

"Lu Zhanbei." A hint of struggle flashed past Lin Wanwans face. "Ill try the back door and see if he can get someone to select me directly."

Si Hans lips twitched. "I remember you used to hate those actors who didnt work hard to improve themselves and only relied on shortcuts."

"I still hate them now, ok?"

However, she had no choice. She couldnt watch Si Han being slapped by Luo Nanxi, right?

Lin Wanwan found Lu Zhanbeis number. She was about to dial it when she hesitated again.

"Ah, ah, ah. Im so troubled!"

She really couldnt give up on her own bottom line.

"Forget it. If I dont win, at the very most we will go back on our word and take a detour if we see Luo Nanxi in the future."

Si Han laughed at her maddened look. "Silly."

He flicked Lin Wanwans forehead with his finger. "The results arent even out yet. Its too early to display the look of a loser. Lets go. The awards ceremony has probably begun."

This man really had no conscience!

Wasnt she so anxious because she was worried his handsome face would be beaten up into a pigs head?

The awards ceremony officially started as the two of them sat down.

The process flow of the Imperial Capital TV Festival was the same as that of the Bailing Festival. However, it was a far cry in terms of guests, judges, and shortlisted actors and actresses.

The lineup of the judges was extraordinary too. One of them was Lin Wanwans idol, Ye Yuanting.

He was the only actor from Xia country who obtained the lifetime achievement Oscars award.

Results were announced one after another.

Luo Nanxi was the guest presenting the best newbie award. When she got off stage, she swept her eyes coldly over Lin Wanwan, as if she already had the game in her hands.

Lin Wanwan was a little nervous.

She was never nervous when she attended the three major movie festivals in the past. Now, she felt a strong desire for the best actress award.

What surprised Lin Wanwan was that the guest presenting the best actress award was actually Ye Yuanting.

Wow, wow, wow. If she won this award, she could have some intimate interaction with her idol!

Ye Yuanting was over fifty years old. He looked like a gentle and refined man and didnt look old. He was definitely a good-looking uncle.

After looking at the VCR, he opened the card in his hands and announced the results. "I hereby announce that the best actress award in this years Imperial Capital TV Festival goes to"

He paused and kept people guessing.

The camera lens immediately panned below the stage, capturing everyones expression clearly and revealing them on the big screen.

Luo Nanxi noticed that Ye Yuanting was focusing his gaze on another shortlisted actress. She could not help but laugh gleefully.

She turned her head to look at Si Han. Her eyes revealed ruthlessness and disdain that were difficult to hide.

The next second, Ye Yuantings voice resounded through the audience from the speakers.

"Lin Wanwan, congratulations!"

The whole scene was quiet for a second. Then, thunderous applause sounded.

Clap clap clap

Luo Nanxis smiling face stiffened, and her eyes gradually grew bigger.

Si Han curved his lips and smiled at her in a timely manner. He looked at his own palms meaningfully.

Luo Nanxi felt that her cheeks were hot to the touch. The pain of being hit, accompanied by the embarrassment, surged up at once.


She cursed with a ferocious expression on her face. Shed sworn secretly that she would regain the face that she lost today!

Lin Wanwan didnt notice the small movements made by the two of them. She was immersed in the excitement of having personally received the award from her idol.

Amidst the applause, she quickly got on stage and received the shiny trophy from Ye Yuanting.

It was an honor for a god-like actor like him to be her awarding guest.

Ye Yuanting hugged Lin Wanwan simply. "I think highly of you. Go for it."

Although she knew that he might have said these words of encouragement out of politeness, Lin Wanwan was still very agitated.