Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 592

Chapter 592 To Sleep A Hundred Times

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After acknowledging her gratitude very generally, she got off the stage elegantly amidst the applause.

As she sat down, she couldnt help but tease, "Si Dada, congratulations for not having to be beaten by Luo Nanxi."

"I congratulate you for being able to experience the addiction of hitting a slut."


Lin Wanwan looked toward the direction of Luo Nanxi but only saw a stiffened back.

Approximately half an hour later, the Imperial Capital TV Festival came to an end.

Lin Wanwan realized Luo Nanxi was already gone and could not help but shake her head.

What a waste. She had missed the chance to hit a dog.

However, that was nothing. The thing that was most worthwhile was Lin Wanwan winning her first best actress award in this lifetime.

Lin Wanwan and Si Han didnt attend the banquet that took place afterward and left instead.

After returning to Yun Mansion, she found Lu Zhanbei in the study room on the second floor.

Lu Zhanbei was seated in front of the study table with a thick stack of documents piled on it. He casually took one of them and made some comments after reading it.

"Doesnt a President just need to sign documents?"

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her plainly. "Which unreliable person told you that?"

"TV dramas."

Lu Zhanbei turned the chair around and faced Lin Wanwan. "The documents in my hands were submitted to me by the supervisors of each department. Besides proposals, most of them are contracts. Before signing them, I have to do a cost-benefit analysis of this deal"


Lin Wanwan developed a headache. She was completely clueless about doing business. Her previous investments were all managed by Si Han.

"After Ive earned enough money, Ill buy your companys share. How much does it cost to obtain one percent of the shares?"

Lu Zhanbei raised up a finger.

"One hundred million?"

Considering that even Shengbei Global International Corporation was a company under Lu Zhanbei, Lin Wanwan gave a high price.


"One billion?"


" Ten billion?"

"Yes, you cant acquire it even with money."

Lin Wanwan wanted to faint too. Ten billion. It would be impossible for her to save this amount even if she did filming her entire life.

Lu Zhanbei felt her resentful eyes and raised his eyebrow. "Actually, you can get my companys share without having to spend so much money."

Lin Wanwan became alert and straddled his lap. "What should I do?"

Lu Zhanbei said in a grand manner, "Sleep with me once and Ill give you one percent. Sleep with me a hundred times, all the shares under my name are yours."

"Wouldnt you become a poor man, then?"

"I can earn it back again. When Ive earned enough, we can continue."

This man. He was really going all out just to have sex.

Lin Wanwan squinted her eyes and lightly tugged his collar. "For real?"

Lu Zhanbei gently touched her waist with his palms full of callouses. "Its only effective tonight."


Lin Wanwan was absorbed in the pursuit of wealth. She felt that she wouldnt lose out in this deal. She pushed him over the already-flat chair.

She leaned over and took the initiative to press her lips against Lu Zhanbeis slightly cool lips.

The two of them had already experienced the process of foreplay a couple of times. Lin Wanwan had also become more familiar.

Under her hard work of doing flirtatious movements, Lu Zhanbei very quickly couldnt resist anymore and carried her to bed.

Their clothes fell into a messy pile. Every corner of the room was filled with an ambiguous atmosphere.

Just when Lu Zhanbei was about to go for it

Lin Wanwans mobile rang.

"Ignore it!"

Lu Zhanbei practically gritted his teeth while saying these two words. He used more explicit movements to pull back Lin Wanwans attention.