Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 594

Chapter 594 The Main Personality Returns

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"Zhinian, what exactly happened to you? Ever since that night we separated from each other, you seemed to have become another person. I took the initiative to find you but you were unwilling to speak to me. Tell me, did I do something wrong?"

Toward the end, there was a hint of grievance in her tone.

Lin Wanwan could not help but laugh coldly.

What grievances did a woman who only cared about escaping when her boyfriend was in danger have? She still had the cheek to ask if she did something wrong.

The cute little puppy waved his hands hurriedly. "Youre right"

His heart softened. He hated seeing others upset.

When she heard this, the anger in Qiao Yuan surged up and she continued to ask aggressively, "Then why are you ignoring me? Dont forget, Im your girlfriend!"

"Youre not my girlfriend. Its"

The cute little puppy rubbed his lips lightly. His expression suddenly showed that he was disheartened.

"I dont want to talk to you anymore." He walked past Qiao Yuan.

"Stay there!"

Qiao Yuan grabbed Fu Zhinians arm and pulled it hard.

Unprepared for this, the cute little puppy got pushed against the wall. Her angry expression was reflected in his horrified eyes.

"Fu Zhinian, do you mean to break up with me? I object! On what basis do you want to dump me after youve had fun? Did you have a change of heart? Do you like another woman?"

As he was being wronged, his face flushed red. "I didnt!"

He was born handsome. With his face red, he was even more charming.

Qiao Yuan looked at him like a fangirl. She hooked his neck fiercely, tiptoed, and kissed him.

The cute little puppy was shocked. Although he didnt have the same fierce fighting spirit as his main personality, the natural strength of men eventually won against the woman.

He wanted to shake Qiao Yuan off but was afraid of accidentally hurting her. He was in a dilemma and could only try his best to avoid her.

Lin Wanwan, who was standing at the door, shook her head and sighed. What a kind-hearted person.

She stepped into the hostel and was about to pull Qiao Yuan away.

"Let go!"

Suddenly, a cold voice sounded. The familiar yet strange feeling made Lin Wanwan stop in her tracks.

Fu Zhinian pulled off the hand that Qiao Yuan placed on his neck and hard-heartedly applied force to it.

Following the light cracking sound, the girls painful screams rang through the entire space.

"Ah!!!" Qiao Yuan lay on the floor. She had a twisted expression on her face and was sweating.

Upon witnessing this scene, Lin Wanwan was stunned.

The cute little puppy suddenly transformed into a man-eating Tibetan mastiff. It was damn scary.

Fu Zhinian actually looked at Qiao Yuan, who was rolling around in pain, from atop. He said in a cold tone, "From this second onward, we break up."

Qiao Yuan took a deep breath. She strongly resisted the pain of the wrist dislocation and wanted to question him.

However, when she looked into that pair of cold eyes that was without any trace of temperature, her body could not help but tremble.

"Fu Zhinian, you will regret this!"

She dropped these words without confidence and ran away.

Fu Zhinian snorted coldly. He lifted his legs and headed outside.

Lin Wanwan bit her lips and called out tentatively, "Fu Zhinian?"

She called him Fu Zhinian, not Xiao Niannian.

Fu Zhinian paused. He tilted his head and looked at her. There wasnt any expression on his face.

Lin Wanwan laughed bitterly.

It was obviously the same face. However, the Fu Zhinian now didnt have the softness and weakness of a cute little puppy. He had restored his previous arrogance, and that strong and powerful stance made people feel terrified.

It seemed like the cute little puppy willingly let the main personality return when he encountered a difficult problem.

Fu Zhinian read the sentimentality in Lin Wanwans eyes. He rubbed his thin lips lightly and no longer looked fragile. Instead, there was a kind of fierceness in him.