Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 595

Chapter 595 Even If Im Alone I Can Live Well

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He stared fixedly at Lin Wanwan. Different scenes flashed past his mind.

She helped "him" cut his hair, accompanied "him" to play games, cracked jokes to "him"

Fu Zhinian knew everything. He could also feel her care, concern, and love for "him."

Warmth flashed past Fu Zhinians eyes. He looked touched, but it eventually turned into a thick sense of complicatedness.

Lin Wanwan squeezed out a slight smile on her face. "Youre back."

" Yes."

His thin lips moved, and he eventually didnt say anything else.

When he walked past Lu Zhanbei, who was standing at the door, Fu Zhinian didnt stop in his tracks at all, as if he didnt exist. The temperament that radiated from his body was colder.

Lu Zhanbei closed his eyes and suppressed all the emotions in his heart.

"Wait!" Lin Wanwan suddenly called out.

Fu Zhinian stopped but didnt turn his head back. "Is there anything else?"

She was used to the cute little puppys careful look of desire for care and love. Lin Wanwan actually felt uncomfortable with the change now.

After a while, she asked, "Is it really that difficult to face your true self?"

Fu Zhinians body stiffened.

"Everyone could wear a mask. However, we cant hide our softest sides in our hearts and use a cold and indifferent gesture to hurt the loved ones around us. Humans are social animals. Its natural to desire for care, love, and companionship. How long more do you want to hide your natural desires? You have been escaping for so long. Arent you tired?"

"" The hands by Fu Zhinians sides were tightly clenched into fists. Veins were visible on the back of his hands, and his emotions were rolling.

The next second, he turned around fiercely. "On what basis are you here to lecture me?"

"Im just"

Fu Zhinian didnt give her a chance to explain at all. His expression was like that of a wounded lone wolf, and he let out a stubborn and sorrowful roar.

"Do you think you know me well? Im not a pitiful worm lacking love. I dont fancy being pitied by anyone. Even if Im alone, I can live well!"

He strode away. Lin Wanwan could clearly feel a trace of vulnerability from his back.

Lu Zhanbei walked over and wrapped her hands with his big palms. "You dont have to worry anymore. Im alright. As long as hes happy."

Lin Wanwan sighed. "Lu Zhanbei, youre another one who keeps up appearances to cover up your own predicament."

He obviously cared about his brother as well. However, he was unwilling to express that. This must also be one of the reasons why Fu Zhinian became schizophrenic.

"You mentioned before that the reason why Fu Zhinian turned out like this was because of your father. Is it convenient to tell me the details?"

If it was in the past, Lin Wanwan might not have cared.

However, after interacting with the cute little puppy for a very long time, she wanted to help him very much.

"Lets talk while walking."


On the way back, under Lin Wanwans incessant asking, Lu Zhanbei spoke.

"He used to be called Lu Zhinian. Regardless of whether its me or him, we have received the most vigorous training since young. What family fun, what father-and-son relationship, it was impossible for us to experience these things at all. Under that kind of sullen and suppressive environment, he became more introverted and quiet by the day. Signs of autism appeared as well.

"Until the age of eight. Something happened."

Lin Wanwan listened quietly

"There was a traitor in the Lu family. The old man felt that Zhinian was too soft and lacked the traits of a descendant from the Lu family. He gave him a gun and got him to kill that person to train his courage."

Lin Wanwans heart tightened. Let an eight-year-old child kill someone?

Lu Zhanbei massaged his temple. After he spoke about this incident, his look uncontrollably became colder.