Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 596

Chapter 596 Lin Wanxin

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"He was unwilling. After the old man lectured him, he personally held his hand in the end and fired a shot to kill that traitor. When I received news of that and rushed over, he had already fainted. When he woke up again, the second personality had already appeared."

Lin Wanwan sucked in a cold breath of air. At the same time that she felt heartache, she could not help but scold Lu Zhengyu a million times in her heart.

"Coincidentally, during that year, the old man found the true love of his life."

When he said this, a trace of darkness flashed past Lu Zhanbeis eyes. His voice trembled a little too.

"He naturally divorced my mother. She brought Lu Zhinian away and changed his surname to Fu."

Lin Wanwan couldnt help but continue asking, "With his own mother accompanying him, his post-traumatic stress disorder should have been relieved by quite a bit, right?"

Lu Zhanbei gave a slight smile, but that smile didnt reach his eyes.

"When you see your future mother-in-law, you will understand that shes an unqualified mother. In some ways, shes quite similar to the old man."

Lin Wanwan didnt know what else to say.

Fu Zhinian definitely jumped out from a fire pit back then, but only to enter another one.

When the car stopped in front of Yun Mansion, she still wanted to ask more.

Lu Zhanbei held her hand and got out of the car. "Lets talk about this again next time."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

As something was bugging her, she didnt sleep well that night. She dreamed of the cute little puppys crying face and of Fu Zhinians cold look.

The next day, Lin Wanwan remembered that that cheap sister of hers had returned to the country. She greeted Lu Zhanbei and drove to the Lin family alone.

"Wanwans here!"

When Matriarch Lin saw her, her old face immediately blossomed like a flower.

"Grandmas good granddaughter, I havent seen you in such a long time. You have become skinnier. Is it because you have been too tired at work recently? Why are you back alone today? Why didnt young Tang come over? Isnt he your boyfriend?"

This old woman really knew how to talk to herself.

"Tang Chens not my boyfriend."

Lin Wanwan didnt bother about Matriarch Lins reaction. She gave Old Master Lin a sweet smile.


"Good girl."

Both of them chatted happily and completely neglected Matriarch Lin.

Matriarch Lin didnt look too good. However, upon thinking that Lin Wanwan was no longer the same as the past, she could only tolerate it.

"Grandpa, Ive been here all this while. Why havent I seen Lin Wanxin?"

To be honest, Lin Wanwan was quite curious about this genius sister.

"Second Sister, Im here."

Coincidentally, at this moment, a tender and gentle voice traveled over.

Lin Wanwan turned and saw a young girl with plaids wearing a simple long dress walking over.

Her looks were not outstanding. At the very most, she was like a small piece of jade. However, she had a graceful temperament, and her eyes were smiling. There was a kind of feminine beauty to her.

Lin Wanxin stopped in front of Lin Wanwan and tilted her head. She gave a playful smile and said, "Second Sister is getting prettier."

Lin Siqing, who was standing behind her, snorted and said, "Lin Wanwans just a little slut. On what basis could she be called our sister? Has water entered your brains?"

Lin Wanwan sighed in her heart. This Lin Siqing had suffered so much and even put her own innocence on the line. Why was her mouth still so foul?

She heard that Lin Wanxin had even come forward to persuade Lin Qinghao to give up the intention of getting her engaged to that bodyguard.

Lin Wanxin frowned. "Sister, we cant extend the mistakes from the previous generation to this generation. Regardless of whether or not you are willing to admit it, Second Sister is your own sister. If you say such horrible words again, dont blame me for letting Father knock some sense into you!"