Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 597

Chapter 597 Putting On A Show

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She looked serious with her tender face, and that scene looked a little comical.

Lin Siqing shut her mouth unwillingly. She didnt forget to glare at Lin Wanwan fiercely.

"Second Sister, this is the gift Ive bought for you from overseas. Take a look and see if you like it."

Out of courtesy, even if Lin Wanwan didnt want it, she could only receive it.

There was a pair of fashionable earrings with pearl inlays inside. It was elegant and exquisite, very suitable for girls aged eighteen to nineteen.

Even if the price was expensive, it wasnt too far off the beam. She had grasped it well.

From this detail alone, she could tell that Lin Wanxin had an exquisite mind.

Lin Siqing shouted again, "Why did you give her such an expensive gift? Shes not fit for it!"

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan decisively accepted it.

"Thanks. I quite like it."

Lin Wanxin smiled and chatted with her on other topics, leaving Lin Siqing angry and alone.

After this interaction, Lin Wanwan formed a preliminary impression of this Lin Wanxin.

Although she was young, she was stable. However, she still had the innocence and playfulness of a young girl. Occasionally, she would mix in a joke or two about serious topics.

However, in the end, she was Tao Xinyues daughter and Lin Siqings sister. Regardless of how perfect she was, Lin Wanwan couldnt let her guard down.

"Second Sister, Ill personally make some dishes tonight. Stay here for a meal."

"You even know how to cook?"

"Compared to Xia country, Country M doesnt have a lot of places around, especially in terms of food. I dont want to eat hamburgers and fries every day. Thats simply abusing my stomach."

You cant hit a smiling person. Lin Wanwan nodded. "Ok."

"Then take a seat. Ill head to the kitchen."

Lin Wanwan saw Lin Wanxin being busy in the kitchen. From the corner of her eye, she saw Lin Siqing looking arrogant, and she secretly shook her head.

They were both born to the same mother. Why was there such a huge difference between them?

During dinnertime, Lin Qinghao returned.

On the dining table, as Lin Wanxin was present, it could still be considered that the atmosphere was not bad.

Lin Qinghao saw a rare reunion of the family, and that Lin Wanwan, who always looked cold, was also smiling more. He was happy and could not help but drink a few more cups.

Before being assisted by the servant into his room, he even took the hands of Lin Wanwan and her sisters and said warmly, "The three of you are sisters. Regardless of what you encounter in the future, you must support one another. Understand?"

Lin Wanxin immediately nodded. "I do."

"Me too." As Lin Wanxin signaled her with her eyes, Lin Siqing had unwillingly responded as well.

Lin Wanwan didnt say anything further and just smiled.

After Lin Qinghao left, Lin Wanwan also bid her goodbyes.

Lin Wanxin looked at her, and there was a bit of reluctance in her eyes. "Second Sister, remember to head home more often when youre free."

"Ill try." When others were being polite to her, Lin Wanwan had to give them face and not say ugly words.

"Then, goodbye, Second Sister."


Lin Wanxin saw Lin Wanwan left. Then, she headed upstairs to her own bedroom.

Not too long later, Lin Siqing followed up as well.

With a bang, she pushed open the rooms door and it made a loud noise.

"Siqing, havent I told you before? You have to knock before entering my room."

Lin Wanxins voice was as gentle as before. However, it sounded more powerful in that she was not willing to accept rejection.

She was holding a snow-white poodle in her arms and gently stroking it. "See. You gave me a scare when you opened the door suddenly. I accidentally ripped a few white hairs off it. Look at how pained it looks now."